Deliquesce excel at technical death metal on new single “Sectarian Divide” ft. Jim Beach of Pyrexia

Deliquesce excel at technical death metal on new single “Sectarian Divide” ft. Jim Beach of Pyrexia

Announce Cursed With Malevolence out 11/17 on DAZE

Photo Credit: Susan Evans

STREAM: “Sectarian Divide”

Australian death metal band Deliquesce have announced Cursed With Malevolence set for release November 17th on DAZE. Across the seven tracks, the band’s brutal and frenetic sound is met with deep technical prowess. Today, Deliquesce shares lead single “Sectarian Divide” featuring guest vocals from Jim Beach of Pyrexia. Growled vocals bounce off pummeling drums and odd time signatures making for an intense listen. You can stream “Sectarian Divide” HERE and album preorders will launch November 1st.

Originally formed in 2019, Deliquesce made their debut in April 2020 with the EP, Engineered Frailty. Setting out to make death metal with hardcore roots, the band looked towards bands like Suffocation and Disgorge for inspiration. On Cursed With Malevolence, the songs are dense with head-banging melodies parted by electrifying guitars. The lyrical content on the record focuses on how humanity has led to the destruction of the world through tension and division. The album was self-produced and mixed by guitarist Adrian Cappelletti at his studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Deliquesce is Adrian Cappelletti – Guitars, Armando Wall – Bass, James Cooper – Vocals and Ricki Merewether – Drums.

Cursed With Malevolence Tracklist:

1. Voiceless Slaughter

2. Hostile Contagion ft. Nathan Cooper

3. Sectarian Divide ft. Jim Beach of Pyrexia

4. Invasive Biopsy

5. Atrocities of Life

6. Vile Spectres

7. Time Decays ft. Cecilia Keane of Algor Mortis

Upcoming Shows:

December 16th – Melbourne, VIC @ The Bendigo Hotel (Record Release)

w/ Pulverised Cranial Matter, Bifurcation , Algor Mortis, Headless Death, Hematemesis