Delilah Bon / War On Women / The Late Show TV Stream








The live performance of WAR ON WOMEN from South Yorkshire musician DELILAH BON has now been broadcast on the French Late Show hosted by renowned actor, director and presenter Alain Chabat.


The 25 year old hip-hop artist was personally invited by the host and flown out to Paris at the end of October to perform the song in front of a live TV audience, which was then aired as part of 10 special broadcasts on TF1, the largest TV channel in France, directly following their daily World Cup coverage.


The Late Show with Alain Chabat has the iconic US décor of a desk, a sofa and a background view of night time Paris with live music is featured on each show.


The French TV host discovered Delilah Bon’s music through one of her viral TikTok videos and made contact to bring her onto his show to put the spotlight on emerging artists, alongside bigger and more prominent international artists.


Delilah Bon is an independent musician who writes, performs and produces all her own music, blending hip-hop and rap and nu-metal with a strong feminist stance that underpins all of her work. She recently completed her debut 11 date UK headline tour.


It’s been such a surreal experience,” Delilah says. “I’ve performed in front of thousands of people over the years at gigs and festivals but performing in front of a live TV audience was a totally different experience. Knowing my performance will be streamed into millions of homes in a few weeks is just incredible; it’s something I have always dreamed of and an amazing opportunity.”



The Delilah Bon persona unleashes a whole new level of clever, sarcastic, empathetic, and righteously angry lyrics, offering help to those that need it and a firm middle finger to the rest. The living embodiment of the DIY attitude. As Huggy Bear yelled back in the 90s ‘this is happening without your permission’ …” LOUDER THAN WAR

We could have dedicated part of this review to all the topics and facets of feminism Delilah tackles on her record but, honestly, what’s the point? We’ll never do it as powerfully as she does, so instead, here’s an instruction: PUT THE ALBUM ON! And know it was made by a boss babe who literally made everything you can see and hear, and know that you’re just as much of a boss babe as she is …” BITTERSWEET PRESS