Delilah Bon / Dead Men Don’t Rape / Single

Delilah Bon





After Roe vs Wade was overturned in the USA, I saw the very real aftermath on social media. So many women feeling completely helpless knowing their human right to bodily autonomy had been stripped from them. It made me think of how the system was failing women and those with uterus’ so badly, especially with such high cases of rape and the majority of those cases not resulting in convictions. Not only are the victims being punished in a system that’s meant to protect them, the punishment of illegal abortion in many countries is worse than that of actual rapists. It’s heartbreaking to see cases of women and girls killing their rapists in self-defence and spending their life behind bars because the system would not protect them. I wrote, mixed and produced this song in three days after being so deeply hurt by everything that’s happening right now.” DELILAH BON, JULY 2022





DELILAH BON (the alter-ego of Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel) is angry, like countless others throughout the world, following the recent news coming from the US that sees more women and those with uterus’ lose their rights to legal abortion and bodily autonomy. While many of us recoil at the injustice and the horror in silence, Delilah speaks out with an eloquence and a fury.


Built on the firm foundations of female empowerment, Dead Men Don’t Rape fuses hip-hop, punk and nu-metal with a ferocious, screamed rap over razor-wire guitar riffs. “My body is mine / Don’t belong to the government,” Bon screams, commanding full attention. You can almost taste the hurt, the betrayal, the anger.


Dead Men Don’t Rape is a song that addresses a system that is failing to protect victims of abuse. With a rise both in violence towards women and worldwide femicide, Delilah is prepared to be a voice for those that do not have one. There are some things that need saying out loud, and sometimes it takes a courageous young woman to say them.


Following her acclaimed debut self-titled album, Delilah previously announced her first UK tour for the autumn of this year, which follows festival appearances at Kendal Calling, Maui Waui, Shambala and Burn It Down, and precedes her appearance at Drown U Out festival alongside the likes of SCARLXRD, ZAND, Bob Vylan, DANA DENTATA and GHØSTKID. Headline dates as follows:





Thu          15             BIRMINGHAM                         Hare & Hounds

Fri             16             NOTTINGHAM                        Bodega

Sat            17             NEWCASTLE                             Cluny

Thu          22             LONDON                                    Colours

Fri             23             BRIGHTON                                Patterns

Sat            24             BRISTOL                                     Exchange

Thu          29             SHEFFIELD                                 Leadmill

Fri             30             MANCHESTER                         Deaf Institute




Sat            01             LEEDS                                          Key Club

Thu          06             GLASGOW                                Nice N Sleazy

Fri             07             LIVERPOOL                               Arts Club


Tickets available from:


The Delilah Bon persona unleashes a whole new level of clever, sarcastic, empathetic, and righteously angry lyrics, offering help to those that need it and a firm middle finger to the rest. The living embodiment of the DIY attitude. As Huggy Bear yelled back in the 90s ‘this is happening without your permission’ …” LOUDER THAN WAR

We could have dedicated part of this review to all the topics and facets of feminism Delilah tackles on her record but, honestly, what’s the point? We’ll never do it as powerfully as she does, so instead, here’s an instruction: PUT THE ALBUM ON! And know it was made by a boss babe who literally made everything you can see and hear, and know that you’re just as much of a boss babe as she is …” BITTERSWEET PRESS



Delilah Bon flows like an unstoppable force. This is a record that has feminism at its heart. It asks you to listen rather than wave a preachy finger; a subtle difference that we sometimes forget …” DEVOLUTION

Delilah Bon has shown us a new side to Lauren Tate; her rapping flair, her production talent and, most importantly, her message. There’s not been a record like this from either the nu-metal or hip-hop world in quite a long time …” NOIZZE