Deez Nuts // The Acacia Strain // UnityTX // Brothers Till We Die // Live Review // The New Cross Inn // London

When it comes to Aussie hardcore Deez Nuts are top of the list. One of the most profound touring acts of the 00s who loves to spread the fun-loving hardcore spirit that they have crafted with some now classic releases.

Tonight’s tour has been in the making for some time, after a few delays due to the pandemic & rescheduling issues now one of the heaviest tour packages is in town. Joining Deez Nuts are the mighty Albany New York legends The Acacia Strain, and Texan newcomers UnityTX & Brothers Till We Die.

A sold-out show at New Cross Inn is always a fantastic experience. A very DIY venue, no barrier & low stage makes for a lot of fun antics & tonight will be filled with them.

First up Brothers Till We Die, hailing from Madrid Spain. They may look like a young band but the group have been together since 2012. Mashing together standard “beatdown” elements with some fast hardcore & even some hip-hop parts the band might be very energetic but some of the elements fall flat for me. The passion is there & the audience is having a great time but BTWD isn’t reinventing the wheel. But what they do great is give a raw & fun performance with tons of crowd participation.

Next up is one of the hotly-tipped bands from 2022, UnityTX.

Bringing the swagger & groove the crowd has been yearning for. As soon as the band begins the mosh starts. Vocalist Shaolin G is able to command the audience & has a fantastic flow to his vocal delivery, Even drummer Jonathan Flores is getting in on the action, shouting to the crowd & getting them hyped up. The positive Texan vibes are running through this band. Now it could be easy just to brand UnityTx a Nu metal band but they are so much more. Korn & Limp Bizkit elements are there for sure but they use the groove in such a fantastic way with rap sections & chugging riffs to create something electric.

Now a band I’ve waited a long time to see, The Acacia Strain.

One of the most prolific touring bands since the early 00s. One I’ve waited a long time to finally see & tonight they did not disappoint.

Opening with the eerie & apocalyptic “Beast” as singer Vincent Bennett shouts “KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL” the crowd erupts. Bodies are flying already to the downturned heaviness that is “Beast”.

Heading into “Ramirez” the venue had power issues. The Acacia Strain is just too heavy for London I guess ha, blowing something & after a few minutes of scrabbling the venue’s staff were able to fix the issue but luckily it didn’t kill the atmosphere at all & the band quickly went into “The Hills Have Eyes”.

“Chhinnamasta” from the band’s latest album gets a great response. Hearing the progression the band has made sonically over the last twenty years shows just how much of a tight & inventive band they are. Even when missing a guitarist the band still bring the low end heaviness they are signature for.

Closing out the set with the legendary classic “CarBomb” ignites one the craziest mosh pits ive ever seen at the venue, Pure chaos & carnage. As Vinect sprays water bottles on the crowd & the pure chaos & heaviness the band have unleashed will leave a lasting impact on London for some time!

Time for the main event! Deez Nuts!!

Hitting the stage to Dre’s “Gin & Juice” is one of the most fun & ballsy moves I’ve seen in a while but it fits Deez Nuts to a tee! Busting into “Popular Demand” & “Shot After Shot” gets the crowd going. A packed house and not one person standing still is great to see. Positive vibes is what Deez Nuts bring to the table. Nothing but smiles on singer & mastermind JJs Peters while they bash out their brand of Ice Cube meets Madball hardcore at its finest!

Sneaking in the DN classic “Your Mother Should’ve Swallowed You” is for the old school fans & brilliant treat. Tonight is all about singalongs & having a great time. Deez Nuts proves that you can keep it fun, light hearted & at the same time put on an ass beater of a show!

Review: Joseph Mitchell 

Photography: Tony Giannattasio

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