Decapitated // Obscura // Inferi // The Materia // The Nihility Tour – Live Review // The Limelight II // Belfast

Decapitated // Obscura // Inferi // The Materia // The Nihility Tour – Live Review // The Limelight II // Belfast

Christmas has indeed come early for the heaviest of metal heads in Belfast as the mighty Decapitated ravage their way through Belfast with a stellar lineup in tow of Obscura, Inferi, and The Materia. Hefty from the offset this one is gonna hurt in the morning.

A sacrilegious early start of 6:20 pm to allow the teeny-boppers to come in post-gig and par-tay till the wee hours means fighting the Friday night and Xmas traffic, I come down early so the dutiful son’s job of visiting an elderly mother to keep on her good side! Get fed with mum’s infamous homemade soup and life is good! Full belly I make the second part of my journey Into Belfast’s city centre to one of Belfast’s favourite venues, The Limelight. Home to the majority of International Metal that comes through the city with Voodoo playing a close second.

One big ass tour bus outside indicates all bands are sharing this beast whilst on the road, the smell of stale farts, is every young rocker’s dream! The early start means a modest crowd as The Materia hit the stage, but that means nothing as these Polish animals get their monstrous sounding set underway, a small stage and four musicians pushed up front and centre as they have to set up in front of the main acts own gear, a challenging stage at the best of times means this one gotta be tougher than usual but it doesn’t phase The Materia as they just get one with blitzing the Belfast crowd regardless. My first time catching them in the flesh and I can highly recommend checking them out, a tight assed set was mighty impressive in the room although I could see stressed promoters racing around as the lads kicked in with their last track running over their allocated set time #controversial

The Materia



And now for something completely different ..

Inferi are an absolute beast live, gargantuan in sound, from the first note to the last, they unleash unholy hell on the unsuspecting Belfast crowd, all the way from Nashville, Tennessee US of A. The faces are well and truly melted by the ferocious nature of their set and sound. Brutal, violent, savage and unforgiving pummell the Belfast crowd relentlessly throughout their set, no time for a breather here it is a full-on sonic assault. Blistering intensity, equally blistering solo work and Jaysus the drum, Jesus wept! A great set from a seriously quality band, yet again mighty impressive on the live stage.




German tech-death mettalers Obscua are up next and right from the off the make an impression, setting themselves apart from the other bands with a melodic and atmospheric opener, the bass player standing front and centre on this tiny stage playing melodic lines before they brutalise The LL2 with the gnarliest set of the evening so far. We’ve had it all from the groove metal of The Materia, the blistering Death Metal of Inferia and the Tech Death brilliance of Obscura, fusing the atmospheric with the sublime all wrapped up in a punishing set, the ground shaking beneath us from the explosive backline. Yet again technical brilliance on display with mid blowing solo work, tasty licks and screaming harmonics, what more could you ask for?




8:45pm , Decapitated are gathered stage left and we are ready to go.

As part of their extensive tour across the United Kingdom and Ireland, Decapitated’s stop in Belfast marked a highlight for Northern Irish metal enthusiasts. The tour, named after the band’s groundbreaking 2002 album “Nihility,” aimed to celebrate their extensive discography while showcasing their evolution as one of the leading forces in the death metal genre.

Limelight, nestled in the heart of Belfast, has long been a haven for metal and alternative music enthusiasts. The venue’s intimate atmosphere provided the ideal setting for Decapitated to connect with their audience on a visceral level. The anticipation among the crowd was palpable as fans eagerly awaited the crushing riffs and bone-shaking drumming that Decapitated is renowned for. With each band that played, the energy in the room was building, the mosh-pit kicking into action, circle pits, fists flying, the rage within exploding for all to see, it is indeed a beautiful sight.

As the lights dimmed and the crowd roared in anticipation, Decapitated took the stage with an undeniable intensity. The band are here to pay tribute to their groundbreaking album “Nihility” as well as tossing in a few fan favourites and the band wasted no time in establishing a sonic assault that would persist throughout the night.

Vocalist Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski’s guttural growls cut through the air like a chainsaw, while guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka showcased his technical mastery with precision and ferocity. The rhythm section, consisting of drummer James Stewart and bassist Paweł Pasek provided the foundation for the band’s crushing sound, creating a sonic tempest that engulfed the venue.

Decapitated seamlessly weaved through their discography, offering a well-curated setlist that spanned their illustrious career demonstrating the band’s ability to evolve and experiment within the death metal genre while maintaining their trademark aggression.

The visual aspect of Decapitated’s performance was as intense as their music. A mesmerizing light show accompanied the blistering sound, enhancing the overall experience for the audience. The combination of strobing lights, atmospheric visuals, and the band’s intense stage presence created an immersive atmosphere that transported the audience into the heart of Decapitated’s sonic onslaught.

One of the highlights of the night was the band’s interaction with the crowd. Between songs, Rafał Piotrowski engaged in brief but impactful interactions, expressing gratitude for the support and energy exuding from the Belfast audience. The connection between the band and their fans was a testament to the power of live music to unite people in a shared passion for extreme metal.

Decapitated’s performance at Limelight in Belfast as part of their Nihility UK/Ireland 2023 Tour was nothing short of a brutal and unforgettable experience. The band’s technical proficiency, combined with their unrelenting energy, left a lasting impression on the metalheads who gathered to witness this sonic spectacle. As the echoes of their performance lingered in the air, it was clear that Decapitated had once again proven why they are considered titans of the death metal genre. The Nihility Tour served as a celebration of the band’s legacy and a powerful reminder of their enduring influence on the global metal scene. More of the same please!


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Photography : Mark McGrogan 

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