Dead Bundy Shares Lively New Track, “Drunk For The Summer”

Dead Bundy Shares Lively New Track, “Drunk For The Summer”


Pop-punk band, Dead Bundy have unveiled their boisterous new song “Drunk For The Summer” on July 15 via InVogue Records. The single blooms an entertaining and lawless existence that brings listeners in.

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“Drunk For The Summer” embodies a glimmer of freedom that’s captured in an enjoyable way. The tracks visual manifests a comforting warmth that surrounds the chaos that ensues during the months of summer. Vocals wrap fun-loving lyrics together making for a contrast within the song’s unruly nature.


“Drunk for the Summer is slackers guide to beating the heat with ice cold inebriation. Filled with impressively catchy hooks, it’s a sing-a-long anthem for the drunk and sunburnt.”

“Every day people come up to us on the street asking for the most diabolical party anthem for this summer…so we spent months in the studio creating the perfect banger but got too wasted and deleted the file on accident. So we wrote this one instead.” Says the band regarding the new track


About Dead Bundy: Dead Bundy is a pop-punk band based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The band radiates an anarchy ridden energy, with songs that showcase their fun-loving nature. DB is able to highlight sophistication in tracks such as “When I’m High” and “Not Sorry,” off their frenzy ignited 14-track album, Not Sorry. As the band’s music continues to grow, so does their career. Being featured on this year’s Ohio is For Lovers Festival alongside pop-rock icons, Hawthorne Heights and New Found Glory, as well as a past performance at Inkarceration Festival in ’21. The band is coming off the heels of re-release, (Still) Not Sorry that presents acoustic renditions of “When I’m High” and “Better Alive” with singles, “Stupid State Of Mind” and “It’s Not You, It’s Pee,” resulting in an album of organized chaos, complimenting Dead Bundy’s hectic spirit.

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