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Today (3rd May 2024), alternative band DAYTIME TV release their most ambitious EP to date ‘Island.’. Produced by Ross Hamilton (Buzz Killer), ‘Island.’ showcases a new dimension to their sound with a myriad of 80s influences for a good dose of retro escapism. The EP captures DAYTIME TV’s knack for soaring, anthemic choruses that are made for their euphoric live shows. Listen to ‘Island.’ here.

“Island” is an EP centred around escapism and defiance”, comments vocalist Will Irvine on the release, “Moving against the things that slow us down and chip away at us. Releasing ourselves from ‘the way you’re meant to do things’ in 2024 and being free both in our minds and in our music. ‘Island’ represents a dreamlike state or place where you can go that none of these factors can get to you. Waves of anxiety that would previously crush you cannot reach you. Ultimately it’s a place where you take control.

Musically we feel like we’ve done exactly that. Although we weren’t alive in the 80s, all four of us have a love for the sounds from that era and they somehow feel nostalgic to us. We wanted to inject some of those influences into a sound that otherwise felt forefront and futuristic. The mix of old and new is what excited us. We feel like the songs within ‘Island’ can be a sanctuary for people who want to let their minds fly unencumbered and free from the shackles of modern life”.

To mark the EP, DAYTIME TV have unveiled new single ‘So Sick’ today. The track takes a swipe at the music industry’s pursuit of internet virality. Listen to ‘So Sick’ here. Watch the video here.

Will speaks on the single, “It started from a point of frustration with the music industry having a tendency to make artists second guess themselves all the time in the search for something with ‘viral potential’. That’s not the way to make authentic music that’s real and will stand the test of time. We just wrote what we felt, which at that point was essentially defiance against the process. We were working to other peoples schedules but knew we needed to get on our own flow to properly do our thing. A lot of music out there sounds the same to me now and the idea of making more of that is really boring. I think a large part of the industry is forcing artists to focus on what’s ‘trending’ or what could go ‘viral’ rather than what is real and genuine artistically. It’s a protest against that style of thinking”.

Daytime TV - So Sick (Official Video)

‘So Sick’ follows previous singles ‘Lost In Tokyo’ and ‘Fear’ which have seen support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Scotland, Amazing Radio, Q Radio, MTV Italy & more to date.

DAYTIME TV are fresh from their EP release party at Signature Brew Haggerston, and now revving up to join The Feeling on select shows this month followed by a run of stripped back in-store performances.

For many, the idea of paradise is a pipedream. A palm tree-plotted, neon sunset utopia that always feels just a highway too far away. But paradise is what you make of it, and in this life, you need to grasp any glimmer of it when you can.

For DAYTIME TV, their paradise has made itself more and more clear with every passing day. Since their formation in 2020, Will Irvine, Gareth Thompson, Chris Clark, and John Caddick have been searching for where they slot into the musical spectrum. 2022 saw the release of their debut release ‘nothing’s on but everyone’s watching’ following a string of vibrant singles. They’ve played shows with everyone from Kaiser Chiefs and Two Door Cinema Club to The Amazons, decimated stages at Kendal Calling, Y Not Festival and TRNSMT and played across Europe. Being able to achieve so much during a period that will go down in history as being categorically tricky for artists to prosper comes down to their commitment to dipping their toes in as many sonic pools as possible. Not settling for anything less than complete artistic satisfaction and following the trail towards something special when it presents itself before you.

It has all led towards their new EP ‘Island.’ Five songs that serve as a fresh manifesto of sorts, showcasing the different shades that the band find inspiration and solace within. A collection of tracks that weave their way between prickly indie, throbbing synth-pop, anthemic pop-punk and thrilling arena-rock effortlessly. A showcase of innovation, adventure, and not letting anybody tell you who you should or shouldn’t be. It’s the most complete, confident and cathartic version of DAYTIME TV they have been to date, and that’s an incredible position to be in.

“The one thing we weren’t going to do was make a bunch of tracks that just sound like any sort of standard rock band”, Will states. “That’s not what we’re here to do. We’re here to open our wingspan and be free with our writing. What’s the point in doing it any other way? There’s no point in playing a game or trying to second-guess anything. Life’s short, let’s just do what feels right all the time, not worry about consequences, and embrace the freedom that comes with it.”

‘Island’ EP artwork


1. So Sick

2. Lost in Tokyo

3. Fear

4. Waves

5. Block Out The Noise


4 May – O2 Institute, Birmingham (supporting The Feeling)

5 May – Tramshed, Cardiff (supporting The Feeling)

7 May – Assai, Dundee

8 May – Assai, Edinburgh

10 May – Assai, Glasgow

9 May – Slay, Glasgow (supporting The Feeling)

5 July – Downtown Festival, Rochester Castle

DAYTIME TV’s EP ‘Island.’ is out now – listen here.