Dawnwalker – London-Based Prog-Metal Collective Share Music Video For “R.I.P.”

Dawnwalker – London-Based Prog-Metal Collective Share Music Video For “R.I.P.” 
London-based progressive metal collective Dawnwalker have just revealed a music video for a new song off the band’s imminent new album “House of Sand”, which is scheduled for release on vinyl and digital format on August 19 via the bands’ own label Room 312.

Titled “R.I.P.”, the video is now playing at Prog Magazine here.

“R.I.P. is both a beginning and an ending. It’s the first track on the album but could be seen as an ending to the story that we tell on House Of Sand,” explains vocalist and guitarist Mark Norgate“There is an air of fatalism that hangs over the song, of events being put into motion with almost a will of their own. Standing on the precipice and relinquishing control. Like the album art, the video is set against a backdrop of idyllic English countryside but something evil is lurking just beneath the surface.”

The follow-up to 2020’s critically acclaimed fourth album “Ages” was recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton at No Studio in Manchester, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, and features a cover painting by Mitchell Nolte.

At 43 minutes-long, “House of Sand” marks a significant change away from the post and folk metal influences of its predecessor for something darker and more difficult to identify, with plenty of references to the darker side of the human psyche and a spiritual malaise.
Pre-orders are now available at this location.

If you missed it, the leading single “The Coming Forth By Day” is still playing at this location.

Chris J. Allan – Drums
Matteo Bianciotto – Guitars, Vocals
Dane Cross – Vocals
Mina Jackson – Piano
Robin Melinda Koob – Violin
Mark Norgate – Vocals, Guitars
Roisin O’Toole – Vocals
and featuring Alastair Mitchell as “The Master”


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