“‘Date Knight’ – UK Trio Raisin Awareness’s Heartfelt Chronicle of Starting New in Adulthood”

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UK Trio Raisin Awareness Releases “‘Date Knight’ – A Heartfelt Chronicle of Starting New in Adulthood”

“….the bright new hope in UK pop-punk.”- Loud Women

“…intense, technical take on skate punk. With nods towards melodic hardcore/skate punk this is a band who revel in the complex but are unafraid of a catchy hook or chorus.”- Punktastic

“…sounds like a musical collision between Face to Face and The Breeders”- Real Gone

“Raisin Awareness deliver a powerful musical experience, showcased by their ability to seamlessly blend elements of 80s and 90s punk rock with dance-pop aesthetic, resulting in a fresh and captivating sound.”- Eat This Music

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UK indie punk band Raisin Awareness return with their 4th single “Date Knight” – a heartfelt track that chronicles the trials and triumphs of starting something new in adulthood, blending raw emotion with an infectious rhythm that encourages listeners to embrace the music and dance along.

Stream “Date Knight” on DSPs HERE.

Jo D, the band’s lead vocalist, and guitarist, says, “In ‘Date Knight’, we’ve opened our hearts out about the struggles and joys of starting something new in adulthood. We started the band in 2020, and while Rob (drums) is a seasoned musician, it was something very new for Daggi (bass) and I.”

“I reference dancing and skating in particular because I love both. While I have no hesitation about expressing myself through dance, I know others do, and I want to encourage them that there is no ‘one’ way to dance, as long as it feels good. Bring out your inner Ace Ventura, everyone!!”

“As for skating, I started in my mid-thirties, but adulthood should never be a barrier to new beginnings. The resonating words of a cherished friend – ‘never give up’ – serve as my guiding light. Despite the struggles, I persist, for the sheer joy it brings me —from the activity itself to meeting people in the skating community— is irreplaceable.”

“Date Knight ” is a song that echoes our frustration of playing shows for free as a new band, but it also echoes our absolute love for making music. It’s a bittersweet journey, but one we wouldn’t change.”

Band Biography

Raisin Awareness is a passionate pop-punk band hailing from the UK. The band formed in 2020 during lockdown when Jo (vocals/guitar) and Rob (drums) seized their creative opportunity. Soon after, Daggi joined on bass, making them an unshakable musical trifecta inspired by bands such as Hot Mulligan, The Swellers, The Flatliners & The Menzingers, and an 80s/90s mashup of genres.

Raisin Awareness are:

Jo D Vocals / Guitar

Rob Piper Drums / Backing Vocals

Daggi Wieczorek Bass

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Artwork: Daggi Wieczorek



Links: marvelous.bio/raisinawareness

Instagram: www.instagram.com/raisinawarenesspals

Facebook: www.facebook.com/raisinawarenesspals


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