Darkened hardcore band Porcupine share two single “Army Of Martyrs” / “Holy Cowards”

Darkened hardcore band Porcupine share two singles

“Army Of Martyrs” / “Holy Cowards”

New album coming later this year on New Morality Zine

STREAM: “Army Of Martyrs” / “Holy Cowards”
WATCH: “Army Of Martyrs” (Official Video)

Today, Chicago band Porcupine have unleashed two new singles, “Army Of Martyrs” and “Holy Cowards. The tracks embrace the band’s darker sound, combining elements of hardcore, traditional screamo, punk, and doom metal. Vocalist Dawson Kiser gives an abrasive delivery surrounded by guitar work that impacts just as intense. “Holy Cowards” is a straight forward, unrelenting punch that is sure to get bodies moving in a live setting. “Army Of Martyrs,” which the band shares a music video for, takes a more daring approach. Chaos ensues through scorched lyrics and odd time signatures before heading into a doomgaze driven breakdown. Both songs lend as a preview for the band’s debut full-length due out later this year on New Morality Zine.

Initially formed in 2016 while members were still in high school, Porcupine developed into a full steam ahead endeavor over the years. The band has released numerous singles with their most notable work being 2021’s The Sybil EP. The band’s dynamic mix of hardcore and metal styles put them akin to acts like Portrayal Of Guilt and Candy, with influence ranging from Converge to King Woman.

Porcupine is Dawson Kiser- Vocals, Joey Hernandez- Guitar, Brian Clancy- Drums, Jake Evans- Guitar, and Jordan Hermes- Bass.

Upcoming Shows:

4/28 – Akron, OH @ Bless This Mess w/ Bigg Egg, Vile Light, Alphabet