Danish Death Metal Upstarts PLAGUEMACE Attack with Third Single “Carnivore” & Official Music Video


Danish Death Metal Upstarts PLAGUEMACE Attack with Third Single “Carnivore” & Official Music Video Watch HERE

Debut Album, Reptilian Warlords, out November 17, 2023 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

 [Photo credit: Malene Vinge]

PLAGUEMACE – the new generation of old school death metal!

Before they drop their cutting-edge debut album, Reptilian Warlords, this Friday, uprising death metal unit PLAGUEMACE gear up for the release of their final pre-release single “Carnivore”! The track attacks immediately, as low growls are joined by contrasting screams and bombastic melodies. Watch the official music video for “Carnivore” and get sucked into its brutal soundscapes!

Hailing from Denmark, PLAGUEMACE is one of the most promising bands of the new generation of old school death metal, and there is no doubt that fans of bands such as GraveHigh on FireEntombed and Obituary will enjoy their new offering. After winning over live audiences in Scandinavia, as well as in the UK while supporting thrash metal powerhouse NervosaPLAGUEMACE are ready to conquer the scene with their first album.

Check Out the Animated Music Video for “Carnivore” HERE:
PLAGUEMACE’s thrashy death’n’roll is spiced up with brutal breakdowns and infectious grooves as witnessed on the album opener “Cannibalicious”, which is followed by ruthlessly groovy “Impenetrable Leather”.  The brutal soundscapes on “Rhythmic Demise” impress, before the track fades out into “Warcries from the Crypts”, where trumpet and trombone add to the threatening atmosphere. Catchy title track “Reptilian Warlords” kicks off with metallic soundscapes, with groovy rhythms carrying competent death metal vocals and skillful guitarwork. Closing track “Carnivore” attacks immediately, as low growls are joined by contrasting screams, and bombastic melodies lead the album to its end.

PLAGUEMACE on Reptilian Warlords:
Reptilian Warlords is the first in a series of concept albums taking place in our own fictional universe. The story has been torn apart chronologically, and will be put together throughout this, and the following releases. So stay tuned to find out what happens next. The themes of Reptilian Warlords include ANGER, VENGEANCE, DESIRE, WAR and ENRAGING BLOODTHIRST.”

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Reptilian Warlords tracklisting:
1. Cannibalicious
2. Impenetrable Leather
3. Cavedweller’s Solliloquy
4. Rhythmic Demise
5. Warcries from the Crypts
6. Among the Filth
7. Reptilian Warlords
8. Misantropical Breed
9. Ambrosia
10. Carnivore

Reptilian Warlords will be available in the following formats:
CD Digisleeve
Digital Album

Andreas Truelsen – Vocals
Simon Truelsen – Guitar
Anton Holm Smidstrup – Guitar, Vocals
Ruben Brandt – Bass
Matias Zacho – DrumsPLAGUEMACE online:
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