DAMPF – Announce New Album “No Angels Alive” Alongside First Single “Masquerade”



Swedish genre-blending power rockers DAMPF will release their second album, No Angels Alive, on August 23rd via Silver Lining Music.

Led by singer/songwriter A-TRON (aka Martin Erikson – E-Type) and keyboardist/songwriter BeakNo Angels Alive is an all-in 10 song storytelling experience blending expansive yet tightly bound stylistic ingredients incorporating hard rock, thrash, melodic power metal and electronic edges. Recorded at Yard Street Studios (Solna, Sweden) and produced by Jona Tee, be gloriously warned: DAMPF’s second studio offering, No Angels Alive, is not -and never was conceived to be- for the faint of heart.

Forged from deep personal fires within Erikson and Beak in 2021, DAMPF are about sheer, bombastic and brutal power fused with melodic journeys into spaces and places which most would fear to tread.

In DAMPF, we can dwell on all kind of stories: the dark, the weird, the eeriness… the rotten parts of the forest and nature or strange gods or weird people or small people living underneath the moss,” explains Erikson. We developed this band so that we can allow ourselves to go to all these places you’re not meant toIt’s so liberating to have a band where you can say, ‘yeah, let’s do this’, and not be remotely concerned about whether it ‘fits’ or not.”

Completed by Bhéara (aka Olivia Thörn on vocals), Haderajja (aka David Wallin on drums – Hammerfall), Bahari (aka Pontus Egberg on bass – King DiamondThe Poodles), Skaeggyxa (aka Love Magnusson on guitar – Dynazty), Sha-Zam’s (aka Sam Söderlindh on guitar) and Arkoūda (aka Björn Åkesson, growl), DAMPF engage in a theatrical journey through the timeless historical corridors of human darkness and their opus, No Angels Alive, plays like a grand collective performance piece, with an innate sense of beautiful, catchy melody finding ample room and context alongside the overall brutality of DAMPF.

‘Masquerade’, the first single from the album, is released today. With its catchy melodic sensibilities, the track balances how in one specific historical story – and today’s society – illusion can be deadly.

The song explores the dark spirit and soul of Jacob Johan Anckarström, a disgruntled Swedish military officer whose anger and dissatisfaction with Swedish King Gustav III led him to attempt regicide at a Masquerade Ball before assassinating him at the Royal Stockholm Opera on March 16th, 1792.  This happened 300 years ago, but the ‘evil eyes’ are still plotting in modern times: today’s ‘Masquerade’ is about keeping people in the dark, giving them bread, water, flour, and keeping them happy with what they see on the surface, which of course only allows darkness to flourish out of sight and in the shadows.” – Martin Erikson 

Listen To/Watch “Masquerade” here

Be warned: DAMPF will gleefully stretch your sensibilities and boundaries, with MartinBeak, and the rest of the band reveling in the opportunity to do so: “We can go that dark, that black… We can go anywhere with this. I can just go in my own head and open up those doors that had been locked for so many years. There are no rules for DAMPF, and that gives us all a whole lot to enjoy which is so very important. I don’t need people to say they love it; if they tell us they find it very different and very unique, that’s so much better.”

Scary yet colourful, heavy yet catchy, listen to No Angels Alive with a genreless mind and an open heart; the rewards of this immense and unique album will be plentiful.

No Angels Alive will be released on CD digipak, 12” gold and black splatter vinyl, digital formats and special D2C products and bundles. Available to pre-order from June 5th 2024 at this location

No Angels Alive Track Listing:
1. No Angels Alive
2. Masquerade
3. Ghost
4. Might As Well Have Died
5. Heart Of Darkness
6. War With The World
7. Hellfire
8. Away
9. Mists Of Avalon (Don’t Wake Me Up)
10. Dark Side Of My Moon

DAMPF are:
Martin Erikson [A-TRON] – Vocals
Olivia Thörn [Bhéara] – Vocals
Beak – Keys
David Wallin [Haderajja] – Drums
Pontus Egberg [Bahari] – Bass
Sam Söderlindh [Sha-Zam’s] – Guitar
Love Magnusson [Skaeggyxa] – Guitar
Björn Åkesson [Arkoūda] – Growls

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