CULTURA TRES (feat. SEPULTURA’s Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.) unveil the new single “Signs”

CULTURA TRES (feat. SEPULTURA’s Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.) unveil the new single “Signs”.

Watch the official video HERE

New album “Camino De Brujos” OUT NOW!

The day has finally come! Today South American metallers CULTURA TRES, who feature SEPULTURA’s Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. on their ranks, finally release their massive new studio album “Camino De Brujos” via Universal Music in the Americas and Bloodblast in the rest of the world.

To celebrate the event the band unveils the new single “Signs”. The song shows a mixture of aggression and melancholy inspired by the “Master Of Puppets” era of thrash metal. Its musical intro lures the listener into a hard-hitting riff with powerful vocals, later an unexpected outro filled with guitar solos and emotion turns the song into a movie soundtrack.


“’Sings’ is maybe the only song you’ll hear in 2023 which still follows Cliff Burton’s vision of Thrash Metal,” states the frontman Alejandro Londono Montoya.

“Camino De Brujos” explores both new and old musical textures. The power of thrash metal meets the eeriness of sludge and the melancholic feel of classic rock.

Camino de Brujos’ is an album aiming to evoke what the metal genre seems to have left behind in the last decades; realism. The record attempts to bring back the human factor in heavy music. From the composition to the production itself. No drum samples, no quantized artificial performances, just raw with imperfections as part of the artistic expression that was done back in the 90’s.

However, even though ‘Camino de Brujos’ wholeheartedly embraces the 90’s vision in music, it doesn’t just repeat what was done back then. There are plenty of daring musical choices bending the edges of the genre that lure the listener into a fresh, dark and aggressive psychedelic journey. Thrash, sludge and classic rock becoming one sound, so to
speak. A sound captured in the most realistic way.

Something we’ve learned while listening to Andy Wallace’s albums (he is god in our little world) is that If you can’t imagine a band performing while you listen to their album, then you are just listening to a computer. We are not interested in having you listen to a computer. We’d rather invite you to hear 4 people playing their hearts out on a record. This record,” explains Alejandro.

“Camino De Brujos” is available as vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. Order you copy now HERE
Stream the album HERE

More about “Camino De Brujos”:
“The Land” official video:
“Proxy War” official lyric video:
“The World and Its Lies” official music video:

“Camino De Brujos” track listing reads as follows:

1. The World and Its Lies
2. Time Is Up
3. Signs
4. The Land
5. Proxy War
6. 19 Horas
7. Zombies
8. De Maracay
9. The Smell of Death
10. Camino de Brujos

“Camino De Brujos” was recorded by Juan M. De Ferrari Montoya & Alonso Milano Mendoza at AJM Sound Studios, Amsterdam (NL) and at Reborn Studios, Artesa de Segre (SP). Alejandro Londono Montoya took care of the mixing and the mastering at AJM Sound Studios in Amsterdam.
The artwork was made by Damian Michaels.

Alejandro Londono Montoya – guitar, vocals
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – bass
Juan M de Ferrari Montoya – guitar
Jerry Vergara Cevallos – drums