Cruz Del Sur Music To Release TONNERRE Debut Album La Nuit Sauvage in April!

Cruz Del Sur Music To Release TONNERRE Debut Album

La Nuit Sauvage in April! 

Cruz Del Sur Music is honored to announce the release of TONNERRE debut album, La Nuit Sauvage, April 5, 2024 on vinyl, CD, and digital formats!

Based in rural Quebec and Ottawa, TONNERRE (meaning Thunder) features current or former members of Cauchemar, Durs Cœurs, Bastardator and ‘Scuse. Their mystical style of hard rock is solid and catchy in the tradition of Foghat, Blue Öyster Cult, Roky Erickson and AC/DC, but also poetic like the artists that defined the Quebec ‘70s underground scene (Offenbach, Aut’chose and Corbeau).

Recorded by Chany Pilote at No Man’s Land studio, La Nuit Sauvage (The Wild Night) tells the tale of a night spent with friends in the forest, surrounded by the mysteries of nature, from dusk to dawn. From the opener “La Nuit Sauvage” to the closing “L’Aurore,” every song highlights a moment of

this wild gathering.

 “Entranced by the dance of flames and sacred herbs, our stories become invocations…. until dawn came like a curse. It was a night we

would never forget.”

Track Listing:

1. La nuit sauvage

2. Le grand corbeau

3. La brunante

4. Ceux qui sommeillent

5. La danse du feu

6. Les enfants de la nuit

7. L’esprit de la forêt

8. Les flambeaux du ciel

9. Mouches à feu

10. L’aurore


Annick Giroux – Vocals

Patrick Pageau – Guitar

François Patry – Guitar

Jeff Laflamme – Bass

Arnaud Geoffroy – Drums