COYLE GIRELLI : ‘Museum Day’ – new album by NYC based British singer-songwriter out 27.10.23 [digital] & 08.12.23 [LP & CD]

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out 27.10.23 [digital] | 08.12.23 [LP & CD]
(Honey Lemon Records)
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“A glorious album filled with yearning emotions and shimmering instrumentation that is celestial and majestic. Every song has a close intimate personal feeling – reflecting, perhaps, a deep expression of Girelli’s emotions – a veritable Englishman in New York – observant, poetic, a lyricism that expresses a love for a city, a girl, a time and a place. Definitely one of the albums of the year 9.5 out of 10”

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Available digitally from today, with LP and CD formats to follow in December, ‘Museum Day’ is the third solo album by the New York City based British singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli, who is originally from Leeds.

The title song, ‘Jane Tells A Lie’, ‘So Predictable’ and ‘Between Us’ have been released as singles in the run up to the album, the first three of which are variously redolent of The Smiths, The Strokes and Suede with a distinctly ‘80s-‘90s indie feel that Girelli himself has described as “half New York, half Manchester.”  By contrast, ‘Between Us’ leans towards the former city and has been compared to The National and The War On Drugs, while musically sitting midway between the often epic ‘50s/‘60s sound of his 2018 debut album, ‘Love Kills’, and the more contemporary approach of its early 2022 follow-up, ‘Funland’.

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COYLE GIRELLI Museum Day | Jane Tells A Lie | So Predictable | Between Us singles artwork

As for the new record as a whole, Girelli himself states that “I think it is the logical next step on from ‘Funland’. I really let my instinct lead the way and wrote and recorded it quickly, so it feels fresh. I purposely didn’t overthink the album, almost letting it write itself to tell its stories of moments, people, lovers, and I found it fulfilling to create in the flow. It makes life easier when you’re not overanalysing every little detail and just letting the songs do their thing.”

Previously compared to fellow troubadours such as Roy Orbison and Richard Hawley, the dreamy slo-mo nature of new songs such as the sumptuous ‘Swim’ and louche ‘I Tried To Love You’ demonstrate that this is music with appeal to fans of acts as varied as Cigarettes After Sex and Stephen Sanchez, while the gorgeously atmospheric ‘Nobody’ (brand new lyric video HERE), Americana-vibed ‘Real Love’ and acoustic album closer ‘New York Rain’ are simple yet memorable songs that showcase an artist of true depth.

1  Jane Tells A Lie
2  Museum Day
3  Swim
4  So Predictable
5  Between Us
6  Real Love
7  Nobody
8  The Girl
9  I Tried To Love You
10  New York Rain

COYLE GIRELLI | 2023 photo by Shervin Lainez

As a songwriter, Girelli has written for pop acts that include BTS, Robin Schulz, Westlife and Macklemore, collaborated with celebrated songsmiths such as Mac Davis and Linda Perry, and co-written for the award winning French musicals ‘Robin Des Bois’ (2013) and ‘Les Trois Mousquataries’ (2016). He is currently creating a new musical entitled ‘Choreomania’ with director Kevin Newbury and Up Until Now Collective, while his immersive theatre production ‘True Love Forever’ in collaboration with Third Rail Projects is set to open in early 2024. Girelli released its title track as a single in January 2023.

Girelli’s early career saw him fronting the Leeds-based alt rock/post-punk bands Your Vegas and The Chevin, with a performance by the latter on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ while on tour in the US prompting its host to state: “If I had a voice like that, I’d run for President.” He issued a well received 2018 solo debut album, ‘Love Kills’, followed by ‘Funland’ four years later that was described by Louder Than War as “a wonderful collection of rich and atmospheric soundscapes with Girelli emerging as the ultimate balladeer. He has a vocal style which absorbs all that is great about the likes of Roy Orbison and Richard Hawley.” A single from it, ‘Do You Wanna Dance’, gained traction at US radio, while an atmospheric ballad from its predecessor entitled ’Something Strange In The Night’ received belated recognition following its use in a Netflix TV sync.

COYLE GIRELLI | 2023 photo by Shervin Lainez

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