CLUTCH release ‘PA Tapes: Live In Nashville 9/24/22’




Head-bangin’, booty-shakin’ rock squad CLUTCH have announced the fourth release in their series of live concert recordings, shared under the collective moniker PA Tapes. Released today, Tuesday 12th September, PA Tapes (Live In Nashville, 9/24/22) boasts another 20 live tracks to delight both new and old fans alike, drawn from the whole breadth of their three decade, stellar catalogue.

Legendary for changing the set list every night, with each band member taking turns in the hot seat, Nashville’s songs that evening were selected by chief storyteller Neil Fallon, who notes, “Marathon Music Works is one of our favourite venues in the U.S. The crowds there make it easy to have a good time and we certainly did just that on September 24th.”

A decade on from boldly declaring, “If you’re gonna do it, do it live on stage, or don’t do it at all’ in their acclaimed single “Earth Rocker”, CLUTCH’s PA Tapes comprise meticulously mixed and mastered live shows from around the world. Renowned for their captivating and authentic live performances, the handpicked shows reflect some of the best live atmosphere, giving fans globally a chance to experience the energy and excitement of a CLUTCH concert from the comfort of their own homes, whenever they like. The series launched in February 2023 and will total five or six edited and mastered digital only live shows.

PA Tapes (Live In Nashville, 9/24/22) is available from today, Tuesday 12th September, on all digital platforms, including Spotify. Make sure to check out the previous releases from the PA Tapes series, including recent shows recorded in Seattle and Copenhagen, and a very early show at the famous King’s Head Inn in Norfolk, Virginia from 1993!

PA Tapes (Live In Nashville, 9/24/22)

The track list includes:

  1. Passive Restraints (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  2. The Mob Goes Wild (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  3. X-Ray Visions (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  4. Firebirds (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  5. Slaughter Beach (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  6. Immortal (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  7. The Soapmakers (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  8. Mountain of Bone (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  9. La Curandera (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  10. Promoter (Of Earthbound Causes) (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  11. Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  12. Nosferatu Madre (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  13. Skeletons on Mars (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  14. Big News I (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  15. D.C. Sound Attack! (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  16. Electric Worry (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  17. Rats (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  18. Spacegrass (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  19. Noble Savage (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)
  20. The Face (Live Nashville, TN 9/24/22)

The group have just wrapped up a US headline tour and next perform at Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre on October 7th. They’ll return to the UK in summer 2024, with a slot at Bloodstock festival in August already announced.

CLUTCH’s thirteenth studio album, Sunrise On Slaughter Beach, was released in September 2022 and is a slamming summary of everything that makes the band great. The band have released three official singles – “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)“, “We Strive For Excellence” and “Slaughter Beach“. Sunrise On Slaughter Beach is the natural culmination of what CLUTCH began as teenagers in the early ‘90s.

Recorded at The Magpie Cage Recording Studio, Baltimore, MD, the album was produced and mixed by Grammy nominated Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Royal Blood, Pixies) with additional engineering by J Robbins (Jawbreaker, Against Me!, The Sword). Sunrise On Slaughter Beach introduces some “firsts” into the CLUTCH canon: vibraphone (from Gaster), theremin (J. Robbins), and female backup vocals from singers Deborah Bond and Frenchie Davis. The album’s nine songs are a diverse ride, destined to please long-time fans and intrigue newcomers alike. It’s a new chapter in an ever-unfolding story which means as much to the fans as it does to the band.


Clutch shares more in common with The Grateful Dead, Rush, and the Allman Brothers than their heavy riffs and heady twists-of-phrase might suggest. Because like those bands, the supporters who adore Clutch are there for the experience, community, and authentic connection. To love Clutch is to feel a sense of ownership, membership, and belonging.

Seneca Valley High School classmates Neil Fallon (vocals), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass), and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums) share an unshakeable musical and personal bond now three decades strong. Shaped by the same region which birthed Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and Rites Of Spring, Clutch crafts hyper-literate and libertine jams informed by hardcore fury and fuzzy, athletic, stoner rock.

“There’s no question that Clutch etched themselves a name in the pantheon of great rock bands,” Lambgoat wrote in 2004. Classic Rock counted 2013’s Earth Rocker and 2015’s Psychic Warfare among the 50 Best Rock Albums of the 2010s. Rolling Stone described 2018’s Book of Bad Decisions as “bathed in the grit and liberal fuzz tone that have made their live shows legendary.” The global accolades across their acclaimed catalogue are numerous.

Live shows over the years include tours with Slayer and System Of A Down and more recent co-headlining treks with Dropkick Murphys, Killswitch Engage, and Mastodon. Like Slayer or Iron Maiden, Clutch outlasted rock bands anchored to “hit songs” and the pressure of replicating them. The foursome from Germantown, Maryland, isn’t bound by trends. Across thirteen studio albums and assorted releases since 1991, they’ve earned a reputation as one of the best around.

Neil Fallon – Vocals

Tim Sult – Guitar

Dan Maines – Bass

Jean-Paul Gaster – Drums

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