Chez Kane // Balck Diamonds // Loz Cambell // Live Review // Nightgtrain // Bradford

It may be bonfire night, but we’re heading to a different type of show tonight to see the incredible Chez Kane! While the fireworks explode outside, there will be plenty of heat in here tonight.

Before we get to our headliner, Yorkshire’s own Loz Campbell is ready to get the crowd warmed up. Heading straight into “Evil” the band is throwing their all into this performance. With bassist Steve Pickles running and jumping around the stage and complimenting Campbell’s sultry voice on backing vocals, the trio on stage certainly makes a complete outfit. While this may be Loz’s band, all three have their moments to shine as Tom Kirby powers away behind his kit. Having just released a brand new single the day before, the set includes “Beautiful Liar” along with more well-known hits such as “Bad Girl” and “The World was Made To Destroy You”. From start to finish the whole performance is incredible and it’s easy to see why they have been making huge waves lately. For those locals who missed her tonight or want to see more, Loz will be back in Bradford again supporting both Vardis at the Underground and Kira Mac here over the next month.



Up next are Black Diamonds and these guys have had an incredibly busy week doing shows up and down the UK with Chez Kane, Revival Black, and also headlining themselves. The 80s-styled hard rock band is bursting with energy as they hit the stage. With plenty of denim, leather, glitter, animal print, and make-up, this is a band who are all about a show! Starting with “No Tell Hotel” the guitarists Mich and Chris jump onto flashing boxes to perform and you just know that this won’t be the only trick in their toolbox. Past all the glamour and showmanship however, a band who have a ton of talent and songs which are big arena anthems. During “Evil Twin” vocals are shared between bassist Andi and Mich. As the set continues with “I’ll Be Okay”, drummer Manu, even comes running out to the front to get the crowd waving their arms during the bridge. Throughout the whole set, the band seems to have the best time on the stage too as even during the last song “I’ll Get By” when Manu runs to the front to join the vocals there’s playfulness between them all. Black Diamonds are one of those bands that have you looking in all directions to see what’s going on as every member draws your eye with their energetic performances. Coming all the way from Switzerland, if you haven’t caught them on this UK tour then hope that they will be back soon as they are certainly a band who don’t want to miss seeing!



It’s now time to see Chez Kane tear it up on stage! With her latest album released only a few weeks ago, fans are ready to see these new hits tonight. As soon as she hits the stage, the band kick things off “I Just Want You” which is a huge 80s-sounding anthem and just the ticket to get the crowd in the mood for the rest of the set. Chez is on great form tonight as she quickly abandons the mic stand for “Too Late For Love” so that she can move around the stage. The crowd is dancing along with her as they sing along captivated by her

performance. The rest of the band is clearly in high spirits too as the guitarists play off one another with high kicks and spin being thrown into the mix too!
Not only is it a special night for Bradford having Chez Kane for the first time but also for the singer herself as she quickly notices her parents in the front row who have come down to surprise her and watch the show too! It’s also a treat hearing Harry Scott Elliot who has been recruited by Tyketto to replace Chris Green.

The whole set is a bundle of high energy and incredible music with hits like “Midnight Rendezvous” and the song where it all started with “Better Than Love”. For anyone who was too young for the 80s live scene, Chez Kane brings an authentic sound that is heavier live than on the album. Mixing a range of new hits such as “Rock You Up” and “Powerhouse” with hits from the first album such as “Get It On”. Keeping the crowd engaged with songs to sing along with and new hits is always a surefire way to keep them rocking all night and she does just that!
As the night draws to a close, there’s just time for one last song in the encore, and a cover of Mr. Big’s “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy” is a fantastic way to end the night.

Chez Kane has always been an incredible artist as shown with the original band Kane’d but seeing her tonight, she is completely in her element as a solo artist. There’s no doubt as she goes from strength to strength that she will be back with even more amazing music. In the meantime, I’d highly recommend catching her where you can on this tour!



Review: Emmie Ellis 

Photography: Mark Ellis