Chad Tepper & Matisyahu Share Sentimental New Song “Buy Us A House”



Buy Us A House

Behind the grungy gravel of his vocals and all the tattoos, Chad Tepper conveys a sweetness and authenticity that make him a one-of-a-kind rocker.” – MTV News

Tepper is an entertainer, a charmer and a flag-bearer for the pop-punk revival.” – Buzzbands LA

Known for his unrelenting optimism and animated personality, LA based alt-rock artist Chad Tepper translates his enthusiasm for life into upbeat, pop-tinged alternative rock. Today, in collaboration with singer/rapper Matisyahu, he dedicates their earnest new track “Buy Us A House” to his mother. Check out their music video below:


Underneath his positive exterior, Chad Tepper has faced his share of hardships growing up. The unfortunate fate of his early life saw his family facing homelessness for seven years, an experience that has forever shaped the person and artist he is today. With his mother currently residing in a trailer, Chad’s biggest goal in life is to buy her a house of her own, musing “It’s the thing that keeps me going through it all.” He continues, “It’s a dream of mine that will one day come true, so I had to write a song about it and dedicate it to my mom.

Boasting previous singles with artists and bands such as Simple Plan, Travie McCoy, and most recently Lit with uplifting track “777”, “Buy Us A House” is a continuation in a string of dream collaborations. This one in particular is closer to the heart with Chad’s mom being a self-professed “hardcore fan” of Matisyahu. It was a humbling moment for Chad when he learned that the celebrated artist was on board, stating “Matis is the best dude ever and to have him on this is really special.”

Since hitting the studio for the first time four years ago, the charismatic singer is proving to be our generation’s next authentic rock star. The effortlessly grunge quality of his voice, combined with an all or nothing mindset and flair for storytelling, finds him equipped with the tools he needs for a fruitful career. Already seeing streams in the millions – over 15 million this past year alone – his talents have been recognized by industry majors such as Apple 1SpotifyLyrical LemonadeKROQ among others.

About Matisyahu:

Grammy nominated and storyteller, Matisyahu is a Jewish-American singer, songwriter, rapper, and alternative rock musician. He’s known for his skill in blending reggae and hip-hop while paying homage to his spirituality and roots in Judaism. Live shows consistently provide audiences with a dynamic and energetic performance full of life and enlightenment. With fifteen years under his belt, he’s joined with the best improvisational musicians and artists for jam sessions and collaborations. His long and winding career consists of seven albums including chart topping Light, Youth, Spark Seeker, Akeda, and Undercurrent with songs “One Day” and “King Without a Crown.”

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