Chad Tepper Announces Debut Album ‘Never Stood A Chance’

Chad Tepper Announces Debut Album 

Never Stood A Chance’ 

Out August 11 Via Epitaph Records 

LISTEN To Lead Single “Light My Fire” 

After winning over millions of supporters obsessed with his optimistic outlook and extroverted personality, once Chad Tepper started focusing on his music career, he was able to showcase a side to himself that resonated deeper than any one of his crazy stunts or gnarly skateboard tricks. Five years later, with 30 Million global catalog streams and a single climbing the Alternative Radio charts, he finally announces plans for his debut album ‘Never Stood A Chance’ via Epitaph Records, out on August 11.

Chad also shares the album’s lead single “Light My Fire” co-written by Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan. The feel-good summer song is all about love, with Tepper stating, “It’s one of those songs you hear that makes you feel so good about yourself that you just wanna dance.  Pierre is amazing and I just am thankful to get another one with him out to the world!”  Listen to it below:

“Light My Fire” 


Never Stood A Chance represents hopes and dreams turned reality. A manifestation of Chad Tepper’s desire to “make it” despite doubts from anyone else, he fervently notes, “This album is a big F U to all the nay sayers. I want this album to be a beacon of hope for anyone who has dreams. If I can do it, you can do it.” He continues, “For all those who said I never stood a chance or it couldn’t be done…. well it’s here and I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone and spread that message that anything is possible.”

Chad is a prime example of the phrase “there’s more than meets the eye.” MTV News once praised him for the “grungy gravel of his vocals and all the tattoos” yet also acknowledged the “sweetness and authenticity” that describes him as a person. This is how the charismatic showman wins people over, you see him and expect something totally different from what you get. Intentionally living in the present, Chad Tepper navigates life informed with the experiences of someone who knows firsthand what it’s really like to struggle. In his early life he faced seven years of childhood homelessness, an experience that forever affected the person and artist that he is today. “It was a moment in time and history of my life that I’ll never forget and honestly shaped me so much,” Tepper explains. “I wouldn’t be who I am without it and beyond that it is the reason why I write music the way I do.”

From the moment he received his first cassette player from a homeless shelter when he was six years old, it not only provided Chad with an escape but also gave him his first peek into the rockstar life. From watching 70’s icons to growing up with early pop-punk, alternative and grunge, it all informs the high-powered music he makes now. On the influences behind Never Stood A Chance he says, “It’s a mix of all the elements that make me, me. There’s alt, 2000s pop punk, some rap melodies from my childhood that I loved, just all my inspirations tied into one. This album can’t be boxed into a “genre” if it’s a genre it would just be “Chad Tepper” because it really is my soul and all the music that’s been in my DNA since being a homeless kid growing up in Orlando.”

Never Stood A Chance Tracklisting 

  1. I Wish I Was Better Looking

  2. Don’t Make Me Get Naked Alone

  3. Outta My League

  4. NeverEnding Nightmare ft. The Unlikely Candidates

  5. Run The World ft. Bryce Vine

  6. Light My Fire 

  7. 777 ft. Lit


  9. Summer Went Too Fast

  10. At Least I’m Not Alone

  11. Bad Tattoo

  12. Worst Best Thing

Chad Tepper by Mark Adriane 

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