Cavalera // Lock Horns // Third World Trilogy Tour – Live Review // The Limelight // Belfast

When Cavalera was announced for Belfast the city kind of lost its mind, well the metalhead proportion of the city anyhow, Brazilian brothers Max and Igor and legends of the industry, they were the soundtrack to so many metalheads here in Northern Ireland as well as globally through of course Sepultura, Soulfly and now The Cavalera Conspiracy. Tonight for many in the building it will be a religious experience witnessing the brothers work their magic up close and personal at The Limelight, Belfast.

Speaking with the metal community everyone has been looking forward to this show, it kicks off a crazy 7 days in Belfast with a plethora of the heaviest bands out there hitting the streets off the back of Download this weekend in the UK and smaller tours fracturing off the back of that riding its proverbial coattails. We’ll not complain, sure well sleep when we’re dead.

For company this evening Cavalera has local groove-industrial metal machine Lock Horns. Former M2TM Winners (Bloodstock Open Air Festival – Metal 2 The Masses) these guys were one of the finest bands that we’ve seen out of Northern Ireland in quite a few years, it all culminated with the guys winning M2TM a few years back and then Covid came along and like everything in life shit took a back seat, but they’re back and have just released their new album Red Room via Distortion Project Records.

They have a new sound, coming from a heavy groove-laden background they carry a more harsh almost Industrial feel to their sound. As always these guys deliver a solid performance, Alex DaCosta on vocals is an absolute beast live, tearing it up by pacing the length and Breadth of the stage like a caged animal just let loose, Junior banging out gnarly riffs and their backline is just slaying it live. Well rehearsed, and well executed you can see these guys taking it to the next level in no time. A short but sweet set kicks things off and Belfast’s appetite is as whet as it gets, bring on Cavalera!



On a thunderous night at Belfast’s iconic Limelight, metal legends Cavalera brought the house down with a performance that fans will be talking about for years. The venue, known for hosting some of the best rock and metal acts, was the perfect setting for the Cavalera brothers to unleash their brand of unrelenting, high-energy music.

Cavalera, fronted by the dynamic brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, are renowned for their influential roles in the heavy metal scene, particularly through their work with Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy. The anticipation for this show had been building ever since the tour was announced, and Belfast’s metal community responded with fervor. By the time the doors opened, the Limelight was packed with eager fans, all buzzing with excitement for what was to come.

From the moment you stepped inside the Limelight, the atmosphere was electric. The stage was set with minimalistic yet powerful visuals—dark backdrops and piercing lights that hinted at the intensity to come. The crowd, a mix of old-school metalheads and younger fans, was unified in their anticipation. Chants of “Cavalera! Cavalera!” echoed through the venue, creating a communal vibe that only added to the night’s excitement.

As the lights dimmed and the first notes rang out, the crowd erupted. Cavalera kicked off the night with a blistering performance of “Beastial Devastation,” a track synonymous with their raw, powerful sound. The setlist was a masterful blend of classic hits and newer material, each song delivered with the same ferocity and passion that the Cavalera brothers are known for.

Highlights of the night included a thunderous rendition of “Mayhem which had the entire crowd moshing and headbanging in unison. “Funeral Rites” and “Empire Of The Damned” showcased the band’s technical prowess and tight musicianship, while newer tracks like “Necromancer” demonstrated that Cavalera’s creative fire is far from extinguished.

Max Cavalera, with his gritty vocals and commanding stage presence, was a force to be reckoned with. His interaction with the crowd, whether through roaring into the microphone or wielding his guitar like a battle-axe, kept the energy levels soaring. Iggor Cavalera, behind the drum kit, was relentless, driving the band’s sound with precision and power that kept the audience’s adrenaline pumping.

The brothers’ chemistry on stage was palpable, a testament to their decades-long partnership in music. Their ability to synchronize and feed off each other’s energy was a sight to behold, making the performance not just a concert but a visceral experience.

The audience at the Limelight was in top form, matching the band’s energy every step of the way. Mosh pits opened up almost immediately, with fans thrashing and jumping in time to the relentless beats. Despite the intensity, the atmosphere remained friendly and inclusive, with metalheads helping each other up and sharing the communal experience.

Throughout the night, there were moments of pure, unadulterated metal joy. During the encore, the band played “Troops of Doom,” a nod to their early days, sending the crowd into a nostalgic frenzy. The night ended on a high note, with fans chanting for more even as the lights came up.

Cavalera’s performance at Belfast’s Limelight was nothing short of spectacular. The band delivered a set that was both a tribute to their storied past and a testament to their enduring relevance in the metal world. For those in attendance, it was a night of pure metal bliss, a reminder of why Cavalera remains one of the most respected names in the genre.

As the crowd dispersed into the Belfast night, there was a sense of shared euphoria and satisfaction. Cavalera had not only met the high expectations but had blown them away, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed the metal mayhem at the Limelight. Battered and bruised, this is only the start of a week of the heaviest most brutal metal to hit this city in a long time,Life is good!!!

Photos: Mark McGrogan

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