Cattle Decapitation // Celestial Sanctuary // Cryptic Shift // Live Review // The Boston Music Room // London

Right off the back of a blistering performance at Bloodstock Open Air 2022, Cattle Decapitation brings their Death At Last Tour to the masses and tonight we are in The Boston Music Room, London. 

In support, we have two UK heavy hitters in Celestial Sanctuary and Cryptic Shift who will bring their own brand of brutal metal to the occasion and what an occasion we have, the glorious Cattle Decapitation laying waste to The Boston Music Room but first up let’s check out the support. 

Cryptic Shift hit the stage at 7: 30 with a thirty-minute set that blows the cobwebs off and lays down a foundation for a frantic nights music, The Leeds band have garnered quite the reputation over the years with their technical approach and hefty riffage and it’s understandable as they lay down an impressive and powerful set packed with intricate progressive songwriting, whilst still being able to nail home a killer set. Straight from a performance at Arctangent Festival in Bristol and with dates ahead with Akercoke and Benighted the futures bright for these guys, so make sure you catch them one of their upcoming dates, their latest offering Visitations From Enceladus is available now

Celestial Sanctuary take the stage at 8:30 and as the set kicks off you know you’re in for something pretty special, the self-confessed New Wave Of British Death Metal are tight as a tigers ass, they blend a variety of influences and styles to create their own brand of savage metal, thrash and hardcore with brutal breakdowns they throw it all in there to pack out a short but sweet thirty-minute set, leaving no-one in any doubt that know how to deliver a bitching set, actually I think I have a few fillings that may need to be looked at after! The guy’s latest offering Soul Diminished has gone down a storm and is an absolute must to check out

Finally, it was time for the mighty Cattle Decapitation, the death grind maestros are back to deliver a live show to shake you to your core. We caught the guys at Bloodstock only a week ago, and they delivered a killer set on the Ronnie James Did Stage. Tonight however in the more intimate setting of the Boston Music Room we get to feel the full force of their brutal depravity as the air moves and the ground shakes to the beauty that is Death Atlas live. Their 2019 release never really got the opportunity to be performed as it should with the pandemic robbing us of the opportunity here in the UK. So it is freaking awesome to finally get to hear tracks from the album live, the guys balance the set with fan favourites of old too and the army of dedicated CD fans who came out this evening are lapping it up with the cat who got the cream. From tracks like ‘The Genocide’, ‘The Great Dying Pt.1 & II’ , ’The Unerasable Past’ and of course wrapping things up with ‘Manufactured Extinct’ leaves The Boston Room gasping for more, the unquenchable thirst for Cattle Decapitations’ monstrous sound, the ferocity of their live performance and inhumanity in which they can deliver their bleak take on life enslaves this crowd as they scream for more. After two and a half decades of honing their craft, Cattle Decapitation are a formidable force on the scene today, a live show not to be taken lightly but to be embraced as one of the finest, heaviest hits and gnarliest you’ll experience in 2022. 


Stream and purchase Death Atlas at:

Cattle Decapitation line-up:
Travis Ryan – vocals
Josh Elmore – guitars
Dave McGraw – drums
Belisario Dimuzio – guitars
Olivier Pinard – bass


Cattle Decapitation online:

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