California Emo-Punk 4-Piece Nervous Kids release new single “Back To the Start” ahead of new EP in 2024

California Emo-Punk 4-Piece Nervous Kids release new single “Back To the Start” ahead of new EP in 2024

“Capturing the energy of the 90s and propelling it through a sunny modern lens, the band bring the spirit of the past crashing into the present wonderfully.”- Idobi

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California Emo Punks Nervous Kids have released a new single “Back To the Start” out now via Wiretap Records. The track is ahead of brand new EP out in early 2024.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan DeMint of Nervous Kids says, “This is a song about experiencing emotional burnout. Doing everything in your power to overcome mental struggles but somehow always ended up right back at the start with nothing changing. I think this is a situation many can relate to, this song definitely helped me cope with that when I wrote it a few years back.”

Although the band didn’t officially form until the summer of 2022, the emo-punk project Nervous Kids began as a solo act during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. With live music making a comeback and mandates being lifted, the 4-piece came together with the lineup consisting of Ryan DeMint on lead vocals/guitar, Damian Morales on bass, Arturo Lara on guitar and Rodrigo Rosales on drums. The band’s music takes inspiration from both punk and emo, bringing high energy and fast tempos with lyrics that delve deep into human emotions, ranging from topics such as depression, love, heartbreak and trauma. Since the inception of the band, they have continued to play as many shows as possible around their hometown of southern california. In March of 2023, the band embarked on their first official studio session with producer Alex Estrada (Joyce Manor/Touché Amoré) and released their single ‘Anyone but You’ on June 27th.

Quickly garnering the attention of the team at Wiretap Records, the band is gearing up to release additional singles and a new EP out in Spring 2024. Follow the band on social and Spotify/ Apple Music to keep updated.

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