Brooklyn, NY Indie 4-Piece Tennis Courts Releases New Single “Am I Not Talking Enough”

Brooklyn, NY Indie 4-Piece Tennis Courts Releases New Single “Am I Not Talking Enough”

Produced By Erik Kase Romero (The Front Bottoms, Lorde)

“Pensive and gorgeous, opening with acoustic strums accompanying subdued vocals, swelling with atmospheric treatments until the full band kicks in for a stunning final movement.”- Tuned Up

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“Nothing short of a spectacular musical and emotional release that washes over the ears and nourishes the soul.”- Atwood Magazine

“After a recent migration from Charleston to New York, Tennis Courts are beginning to feel settled. The now Brooklyn-based indie rock band have nestled themselves amongst the burgeoning handful of young artists who have become staples at NYC’s various hip watering holes and dark clubs.”- The Nuance Magazine

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Tennis Courts offers a mix of indie, folk, and power pop and poignant songs about how it feels to be not young anymore– but not old either.

Consisting of the singer/songwriter duo of Pat Walsh and Andrew Clarke, lead guitarist Brian McKenna and bassist Spencer Brigman, the band started writing songs together in college in Charleston, SC before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2022. They’ve played shows with Dogwood Tales, Sun Room, Hotel Fiction, Sonic Blume, Mo Lowda + The Humble, Wakelee, Daddy’s Beemer, Teenage Halloween, Easy Honey and many more.

The band’s forthcoming LP– out later this year– was produced by Erik Kase Romero (The Front Bottoms, Lorde, Dogwood Tales).

Of the new single, “Am I Not Talking Enough”, Walsh says, “This song is probably the most personal song we’ve ever put out. It’s about a lot of things, but I think it’s mostly just about how I have felt over the last year. I’ve spent a lot of time coming to terms with myself, how I fit in the world, and how I fit into other people’s lives. I spend a lot of time examining my relationship with myself, family, friends, and partners. And at the end of the day, maybe I am just thinking too much.”

Stream “Am I Not Talking Enough” HERE.

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“Am I Not Talking Enough” Credits:

Patrick Walsh – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar

Andrew Clarke – Drums, Percussion

Erik Kase Romero – Bass, Slide Guitar


Erik Romero – producer, engineer, mixing

Philip Shaw Bova – mastering

Written by Patrick Walsh and Andrew Clarke

Tennis Courts:

Patrick Walsh – vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, bass

Andrew Clarke – vocals, drums, percussion

Brian McKenna – guitar

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