Brighton, UK Punks Harker Release Raging Protest Anthem “Medicine”

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Brighton, UK Punks Harker Release Raging Protest Anthem “Medicine”


“Coming in fierce with raucous, frantic punk energy their sound changes and shifts as the song progresses. Combining a noise that is raw with big riffs and exhilarating impact with dreamy, psychedelic waves, the trudge of Nirvana-esque grunge and the uplifting jangle of indie.”- Click Roll Boom

“Exceptional…. a colossal slab of ear-appealing noise.”- Thoughts Words Action

“With a sound that scratches all of the right MTV’s 120 Minutes, circa 1994, spots, Harker is a UK band after my own heart. The UK outfit reminded me of the same kind of angsty melodic vibe groups like Samiam, Gameface, and Superchunk gave off, but there’s also a nuanced dissonance to a lot of their material. Basically, Creation Records would have probably been into them back in the day.”- No Echo

“…harkens back to the glory days of ’90s fuzzed-out guitar rock, with a bit of ’70s proto-punk thrown in as well.”- Consequence of Sound

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Brighton, UK punk rock powerhouse HARKER have released a new single titled “Medicine.”

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The band says the track is inspired by, “the current state of the UKs post lockdown climate, ‘Medicine’ is a furious protest anthem pushing back against politicians cashing out on the misery of working class people and capturing the anger of a country currently rifting through a class struggle.”

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More praise for Harker:

“…the first great punk record of 2018..”- Alreadyheard

It’s a punk thriller. Harker are gifted. Their music highlights punk at its best. Their honest heart-pullers are beautiful.”- Punkanormal Activity

“Reminded me of some of the early 1990s punk from the likes of Husker Du and The Meat Puppets…”- Punk Online

“Don’t sleep on this album; you’re unlikely to find a UK punk album that hits this hard for a while now.”- The Soundboard Reviews

“…infectious pop-punk tunes with teeth.”- ThePunkSite

“we get a real Seaway meets Jimmy Eat World vibe, and that’s one gnarly combo” – MOSH

“a full fleshed-out ruckus punk rock assault” – Already Heard


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