Remembering 2022 – Brett Eldridge // Luca Fogale // Live Review // The Ulster Hall // Belfast

American Country music star Brett Eldridge rolls into Belfast tonight embarking on his Good Day Tour, Canadian singer-songwriter Luca Fogale is in tow for a mesmerising night of music. 

Eldridge made his mark way back in 2009 after writing for Gary Allan and quickly was snapped up by Atlantic Records to release his debut single Raymond in 2010. Since then Eldridge has grown as an artist making his mark on every inch of the American country music scene with six studio albums to date and his seventh Songs About You to be released this coming June.  Tonight we have the pleasure of capturing him in the flesh as he brings his warm sultry tones to an Irish audience at the infamous Ulster Hall. 

Up first though is the emotive and ethereal Canadian singer-songwriter Luca Fogale to warm up the Irish crowd. Luca Has recently dropped a new album Nothing Is Lost and his raspy vocals will no doubt win over this appreciative audience in no time. His latest work has allowed his sound to evolve from an acoustic or piano-led singer-songwriter to an artist with a broader palette ready to tackle the larger stage, tonight it is clear he is made for rooms such as these. The infamous Ulster Hall which shone a light on the likes of Led Zeppelin’s debut of Stairway To Heaven to a live audience tonight welcomes Burnaby, British Colombia’s finest to grace its stage. 

Luca commands the stage, just one man and his acoustic guitar as the Ulster Hall falls silent to his beautifully composed heart-wrenching soundtrack bellows out across the historic room, the ghosts of the past no doubt echoing approval for a songwriter of such quality in their presence. With nuances of Dallas Green aka City And Colour in his voice and musical style, you can understand why Luca has garnered such attention far and wide and how on this tour he will no doubt win over a whole army of fans along the way. Luca swaps between the piano and the acoustic before wrapping up a truly beautiful set. If Belfast isn’t warmed up for Brett then I don’t know what would. 

The time has come for the Belfast faithful to catch their country music hero up close and personal, Brett takes to the stage awash in red light flickering above building tension as the band kicks in. A six-piece band of stellar musicians create a musical soundscape that reverberates across the Ulster Hall to the cheers of adoring fans, arms in the air and beautiful ladies dancing as far as the eye can see. Everything you would want from a premier Country band, the screams that follow the end of every song speak volumes as Brett works his way through his back catalogue and new tracks off his forthcoming album. Every single song gobbled up by the Belfast crowd, the hunger for live music, the appreciation for an artist coming from the states to work his magic in the flesh after a hard two years and a common bond for the love of country music, the best kind of country music, how could you not love an evening like this in the company of good friends. We all need more nights like this. 

Brett ravages his way across a magical set, lifting the crowd up and down with a rollercoaster collection of tracks that keep the audience on their toes, they’re in fine voice warbling along with the band as I look out on a sea of exuberant fans arms in the air, weaving with their loved ones just embracing everything this band throws at them, it’s a beautiful sight to see and one that Brett & Co. will no doubt appreciate a long way from home. The guys now move back onto the UK for a short run of dates before they hit Europe once again. Check out his website for tickets & dates:

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