BORN WITHOUT BONES – Premiere New Song/Video “Fistful of Bees”

Premiere New Song/Video “Fistful of Bees
via FLOOD Magazine

New Album Dancer
Due Out 4th November via Pure Noise Records

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Massachusetts’s finest indie punk outfit, Born Without Bones, recently announced their upcoming new album, Dancer, due out 4th November from Pure Noise Records, and today the band have shared the album’s second single “Fistful of Bees” premiering on Flood magazine.

Watch to ‘Fistful of Bees’ HERE or by clicking the image below.

Since their formation, Born Without Bones have put together an impressive catalog that ranges from heart-on-sleeve punk, to biting alternative rock, to sweeping indie, and more. Now on Dancer the band sound undeniably like themselves, bridging all of their different influences into their own distinctly hooky sound. Produced by Mike Sapone (Oso Oso, Taking Back Sunday, Cymbals Eat Guitars), Dancer is bursting at the seams with massive melodies and personality to spare, like on “Fistful of Bees” which is premiering today via FLOOD Magazine. The song’s accompanying music video is part two of a “choose your own adventure” style storyline that began with lead single “Dancer,” and FLOOD praised the new track saying

“There’s a real knack in conveying something universal through an account of a personal experience. It’s something that Born Without Bones have been getting right for years, and with their new album Dancer they’ve got that combination as close to perfect as possible”

Watch the “Fistful of Bees” music video via FLOOD Magazine

Watch the previous Dancer music videos and prologue via YouTube:

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Bassist Jim Creighton discussed the new song and video, saying:
“I wrote the idea for ‘Fistful of Bees’ loosely from personal experiences that I had with my own father. When I was 14 I asked for a bass guitar for Christmas, I saw a blues band play at my mom’s friends cookout and was enamored with the instrument. My parents split when I was 5 and their relationship was often tumultuous after the divorce. Every Christmas was often full of fighting between them and neither had much money so my bass was a big ask. My father landscaped for an older gentleman who owned a music store in Brockton MA. I often resented my father and on the way to the music store he was pestering me that the bass was going to be a waste of money ‘I don’t know why I am buying you this, you’re just gonna throw it in the closet in a month’ is what I remember him saying verbatim. This lit a fire in me like nothing had before, I told myself this was my ticket out of this endless family cycle. My father passed away in 2009 and I was never able to rub it in his face that I made it, but in my heart wherever he is, I think he may know now.

The ‘Fistful of Bees’ video goes through the eyes of a pre-teen daughter, Bee, who wants to play guitar just like the musicians she admires. Bee’s birthday is coming up and she lets her parents know that she wants a Born Without Bones signature guitar. The father is hesitant and not encouraging but gets Bee her guitar anyways. When she gets home, opens the guitar case, and puts on the guitar she is able to imagine herself playing along with her favorite musicians. Overall the video is supposed to convey that even while the closest people around you may not support your dream it’s important to follow them anyways to be happy with yourself.”

On DancerBorn Without Bones prove that their songwriting chops are sharper than ever. Throughout the lushly arranged album, the band incorporate different chord changes and textures that manage to feel both surprising and satisfying all at once–and never a second away from a big hook. Started as Ayotte’s solo project, Born Without Bones‘ lyrics have tracked his growth from his early 20s all the way to the present, and now Dancer explores the strange mix of contentedness and conflict that comes with being a fully-fledged adult. The album tackles existential themes by incorporating storytelling into Ayotte’s more autobiographical moments and always tapping into an uncommon sense of emotional honesty. “We each have so much invested into Born Without Bones,” he explains. “Sometimes it’s a cloud raining on us, sometimes it’s a bright sun that makes for a beautiful day that we can share with our friends and families. Making Dancer was three years of writing songs and learning about ourselves. Dancer is the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything in my life and it made me work harder on myself as a person, a creative, a bandmate and a friend.”

Dancer track list:
1. Dancer
2. Don’t Speak
3. Fistful of Bees
4. Heart At Home
5. XO Skeleton
6. Lurkin
7. Get Out
8. Sudden Relief
9. Show On The Road
10. Bother You
11. Bar Harbor

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