Bloodstock Open Air // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // Saturday August 12th // Pt.3

Gutalax Are up next and when you hear the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme tune you know you are in for something pretty special, Gutalax is that very band, all the way from the Czech Republic they call their style Gore ’N’ Roll and well who could argue. It is certainly different! The Bloodstock crowd at the Sophie Stage are clearly mad for it, as the announcer addresses the crowd a huge roar is let out as the band’s name is delivered! So much so the noise takes me by surprise and I have to look around to survey the size of the crowd behind me.

Let’s just say Gutalax may be an unknown quantity to me, but not to the adoring fans who have gathered here in their masses to appreciate these guys coming all this way to deliver a powerful and individual set. Gutalax is a party band, good fun, good times all delivered with great musicianship and the Sophie Lancaster Stage is having an absolute rager tonight getting into the Gutalax way of life. Crazy yes, but who doesn’t love a bit of crazy in their lives, if you haven’t already, do check them out, you can thank me later!

Keeping the party going we have the one, the only, Trollfest up next and as expected these guys know how to party! To the point that I can’t actually believe my eyes as I enter the Sophie Stage, I have never experienced Trollfest before but now I can say I have, I’ll certainly not forget it in a hurry. If you are a lover of Party Metal, you’ll have a ball at a Trollfest gig, inflatables as far as the eye can see, and people in fancy dress living their best lives, Saturday night at BOA 2023 will not be one I’ll forget in a while!

I think I actually need a little Meshuggah in my life to restore some balance!

Trollfest take things up another notch, I honestly didn’t know what to expect but what I saw will traumatise me for years to come, a party band for sure, chaotic for sure, the Sophie Tent was in fine form as Trollfest threw down a challenge to all party bands everywhere, Saturday nights will never be the same again! As Trollfest laid down the foundation for Meshuggah to follow, in their own way, the partygoers at the Sophie Stage got all that pent-up energy and angst out of their systems in the best possible way!

Following the mighty Meshuggah’s headline set, The Sophie Stage was once more packed to the rafters with the dedicated party people ready to keep this going into the wee hours!

And the band to see us through that final stretch Brothers Of Metal, as the title says it is indeed a brotherhood of metal! and a sassy lass to boot! I think I may have actually lost track as to how many bodies were on stage at any one time but there was alot! A furious pace, melodic music to the fore and glorious vocals the closing act of the night was a powerhouse performance of the highest standard, keeping on the party theme of the night Brothers Of Metal kept the energy up and the smiles far and wide as the party raged on yet again. For many after a 2.5 days of metal, many are broken, but how can you not want to party on with a collection of bands this strong?

One more sleep, one more day to go.


Pic’s By Flash Art Mark