Bloodstock Open Air // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // Saturday August 12th 2023 // Pt.1

So it is Day 2 of BOA23 and we are back at the Sophie Lancaster stage once again along with a dedicated bunch of early risers to catch up with Ambrius, created in 2022, combining former members of Bloodstock Metal to the Masses regional winners, Tempestora & Oakhaart, we spoke to the lads last year and I am looking forward to catching them live once again with the backdrop of the glorious Sophie Lancaster Stage to showcase their sound. Having just released their critically acclaimed Debut EP “Effigies Of Time” they are here to establish themselves as BOA favourites.


A beautiful fusion of heavy riffs packed with melodic charm and a vocalist who takes you on a sonic journey through solid cleans, guttural growls and soaring falsetto’s you get the whole nine yards when witnessing an Ambrius live show. Today of course is no exception and the musicianship on show is first class, proggy-goodness in full flow and the crowd is lapping it up! A banging set full of sonic twists and turns that keeps you engaged and wondering where else these guys can go next, one to watch for sure as Ambrius have all the qualities to take this to another level for sure.


Up next, Tortured Demon! I fear for my life as I walk across to the Sophie Stage but when I arrive I find a quartet of kiddi-winkles on stage and I wonder have I turned up at the wrong gig? Nope! As soon as Tortured Demon kick into their set you understand why they are here and from the roars of approval behind me in the crowd this one is going to be a rager! Thrash-tastic, riff-tastic, headbanging unbelievable! These young whipper-snappers take no prisoners as they bombard the Sophie Lancaster Stage like their lives depend on it, thrashing out one banger after another taking the audience on an aggressive rollercoaster ride of riff-laden goodness packed with wailing solos and earworm addictive songs. A bands journey to follow for sure, these young guys are going nowhere but up and it will be fascinating to see like those who walked before them, the likes of Alien Weaponry who come to mind breaking onto the scene so well versed at such a young age. Well played lads, you took it all in your stride and then some!


The Grey represent a different direction with some instrumental post-rock savagery to consume, the thunderous drums in sound check announce that this one is going to be a groove-laden, gnarly sounding affair packed with Stoner-Doom-esque guitar riffs, ambient fills and slamming breakdowns to push and pull you through their set. Much like one of Northern Irelands M2TM finalists ‘The Boat Sank’ these guys deliver a hefty wall of noise that demands your attention from the off. It’s the kind of set that you don’t even know you enjoy ” that kind of music” when it starts and by the end it’s, tops off, swinging yer t-shirt around yer head air-guitaring your heart out and making a drunk purchased of Andertons for a half-stack and a 59′ Les Paul cos you felt inspired! We’ve all been there, dont stress.


A great start to the morning and we’re only a 3rd the way through todays bill, time for a cup of tea, a wagon wheel and a check in with the team to see how we’re all doing! Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!


Photos @ Flash Art Mark