Bloodstock – Metal 2 The Masses 2022 Final – Northern Ireland

So here it is, the final M2TM post of 2022 and a crazy night at Voodoo Belfast with no less than six bands, battling to the death for that place on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2022.

It has been a crazy ride getting here, with Covid stopping everything in its tracks it allowed a few bands to carry over from the previously disrupted heats into this one and here we are ready to draw a line in the sand finally. A big shoutout ahs to go out to all the people involved in making this happen, James Loveday, Mr Distortion Project for all his hard work, the boys from Skypilot who supported James emotionally and physically on-site, supplying the drumkit for the competition and the sound engineer Andrew Coles for doing a stellar job, the staff at Voodoo for looking after everyone so well, and all the kids at Metal For Life Ni for keeping our shit intact over the course of this journey! All of whom this competition just wouldn’t have been the same.


Friday night was manic, as ever the Final is always rammed, there was a queue down the street and people sadly had to be turned away at the doors due to capacity and I took the opportunity to chat with all the finalists, please do check out the video below and check out the bands individually.

Divides Unfold:  Heavy Rock/Metal
Blurred Reality: Groove Laden Rock/Metal
Nømadus: Heavy As Fcuk Metal
Dynastyrnr: Classic Rock/Metal
Haint: Ambient Soundscapes
Survivalist: Modern Metal/Djent/Metalcore
A HUGE congratulations on HAINT on taking the title, we’ll see you once again at BOA22
All roads lead to Bloodstock in August at Catton Park, here’s why: