Bloc Party // Silent Alarm & Greatest Hits Tour 2024 // Live Review // The Telegraph Building // Belfast

After spending the last two days up a mountain it was great to back to reality and people! People! I keep forgetting I don’t mind people, occasionally!

But here we are again tonight back at the loverly Telegraph Building in Belfast for a sold-out show for the sublime Bloc Party celebrating their 20th anniversary playing their seminal album ‘Silent Alarm’ and ALL the greatest hits. It’s going to be a blast 💥

In support tonight we have Dublin’s Somebody’s Child, an alt-rock-indie outfit with a huge local following on the Island of Ireland. Somebody’s Child hit the stage at 8 pm sharp and get stuck right in, a support acts set is generally short and sweet so it’s imperative to make an impression fast, get the crowd on their side and drive home their identity as fast as they can and SC did just that! By the end of the first song, you could tell Somebody’s Child was dripping in charm, smiles could be seen far and wide on stage even though they tried their very best to play the ‘too cool for school’ vibe, they failed miserably and were clearly having a ball! It was my first time catching them live and they made quite an impression, a tight outfit with a bag full of anthems that they pull on at will to get the crowd on side.

In the blink of an eye, the set is whizzing its way towards it’s conclusion and frontman Cian Godfrey (aka Somebody’s Child) speaks of his appreciation for the warm welcome and Belfast’s enthusiasm for coming out early to support, the roars of approval as the last chords ring out tells you all you need to know, Belfast have welcomed him as one of their own. Blow in or not, you’re welcome back anytime luv!


Celebrating two decades of sonic brilliance, Bloc Party’s 20th-anniversary concert at The Telegraph Building in Belfast was a masterclass in indie rock excellence. The iconic venue, known for its industrial charm and vibrant acoustics, was the perfect setting for a night that seamlessly blended nostalgia with contemporary energy.

From the moment the band took the stage, there was a palpable sense of excitement. Kele Okereke, with his unmistakable voice and magnetic stage presence, led the charge, immediately launching into the opening track of their seminal album Silent Alarm. The crowd erupted as the familiar, frenetic guitar riffs filled the air, transporting everyone back to 2005 when the album first dropped like a bombshell in the indie music scene.

Playing Silent Alarm in its entirety was a stroke of genius, allowing long-time fans to relive the raw intensity of tracks like “Helicopter” and “Banquet.” Each song was performed with a precision and passion that underscored why this album remains a touchstone for the genre. Russell Lissack’s intricate guitar work was particularly noteworthy, weaving complex layers that added depth to the already powerful performance. The rhythm section, comprised of Justin Harris on bass and Louise Bartle on drums, provided a solid backbone, driving the momentum of each track forward with relentless energy.

The second half of the concert was a joyous journey through Bloc Party’s greatest hits. The band expertly curated a setlist that showcased their evolution while still honoring their roots. Highlights included the anthemic “Flux,” the hauntingly beautiful “Blue Lights” and the irresistibly danceable “One More Chance.” The newer tracks, like “The Love Within” from their album Hymns, were met with as much enthusiasm as the classics, proving that Bloc Party’s creative spark remains undiminished.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was the performance of “This Modern Love,” a song that has become emblematic of the band’s ability to blend lyrical poignancy with musical innovation. The audience sang along with fervor, their voices merging with Okereke’s in a powerful, communal experience that highlighted the enduring impact of Bloc Party’s music.

The Telegraph Building itself deserves a mention for its role in amplifying the night’s atmosphere. The venue’s acoustics were superb, capturing the nuances of the band’s sound with clarity and power. The lighting design also complemented the music beautifully, with dynamic light shows that matched the energy of each song.

 Bloc Party’s 20th-anniversary concert at The Telegraph Building was a triumphant celebration of their enduring legacy. The band delivered a performance that was both a heartfelt homage to their past and a confident statement of their continued relevance. For those in attendance, it was a night to remember—a fitting tribute to one of the most influential bands of the last two decades. For me one song stood out above all else, the glorious “The Prayer’ a song that made me fall in love with Bloc Party and catching it live in the flesh was something pretty special, the innovation that this young band brought to the fore on its release was just glorious, 20 years later, even better.

Thank you one and all, I along with a packed out Telegraph Building can go home happy knowing all is right in the world once again.

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Photos – Mark McGrogan

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