Blanco Brown Releases Highly Anticipated EP ‘Heartache & Lemonade’


Release Day Focus Track ‘Good As It Gets’ Comes On The Heels Of His Lead EP Smash ‘Sunshine Shine’

NASHVILLE, TN – (5 April, 2024)  – GRAMMY® nominated vocalist, producer, songwriter & global sensation, Blanco Brown, releases his new EP, HEARTACHE & LEMONADE, today, April 5th. Download, stream and purchase HEARTACHE & LEMONADE, via BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records HERE.

The EP includes four amazing tracks, including the breakout ‘Sunshine Shine’ which kicked off this project in February. The additional tracks include ‘Good As it Gets’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Tailgating in the Sun’.  After the incredible response to his previous hit ‘The Git Up’ taking the world by storm – 11x platinum and 4 billion streams, Blanco was on his way to great success, until tragedy struck when a drunk driver hit him head on riding his motorcycle almost killing him. After being resuscitated in the ambulance and twelve blood transfusions, Blanco faced a long road to recovery re-learning to walk and hold a mic again. Blanco’s journey to this EP has been nothing short of miraculous, overcoming adversity and finding inspiration in life’s bitter lemons. With a renewed spirit and a second chance at life, he’s bringing a whole new chapter of electrifying music straight to your ears. When asked about the album title, Blanco says that when going through a heartache, a little lemonade makes everything a little bit better.

“This EP feels a bit different for me,” said Brown. “I’ve now traveled the world, looked death in the eyes and somehow made it back alive. Bitter moments never lasted, sweeter moments brought me back to purpose. ‘Sunshine Shine’ is about being a ray of light to somebody all the time and if everybody did that nobody would feel dark because we would be shining our light on each other. HEARTACHE & LEMONADE brings about a new chapter.”

Known for his bombastic personality and infectious laugh, Blanco Brown is redefining the country music scene one hit at a time. With his distinct style he coined “Trailer Trap”, this highly anticipated project promises to deliver a fresh and dynamic experience showcasing Blanco Brown’s versatility as a singer, songwriter and producer. Blanco, known for breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of country music, brings his distinctive style and charisma to every track on the EP and the project is a testament to his ability to seamlessly fuse various genres, creating a sound that is uniquely his own.

From the first track ‘Energy’, it’s clear that global smash Blanco Brown has a pulse on the direction of the country genre. His branded “Trailer Trap” sound amplifies the stories & arrangements on this project. Blanco’s dripping-with-soul vocals also sonically shine throughout, building universal connections with listeners.

The second offering is the serene ‘Tailgating in the Sun’. This story reminisces on those relationships where you want to soak up every minute with your partner. He sings about laying on the tailgate “until the sun comes up” with a person who can “make magic out of the damage.” It’s a song about loving even when you are at your lowest.

Blanco does it again with ‘Good As It Gets’. “It’s about finding that someone to spend the rest of your life with, someone you can’t live without… Tonight, everything that could’ve gone wrong went right and that moment wouldn’t be the same without you,” explained Blanco.

‘Sunshine Shine’, the closing track on the project, is a feel-good anthem that radiates positivity and resilience, offering a perfect blend of catchy melodies and 808 beats that will undoubtedly resonate with fans across the globe. HEARTACHE & LEMONADE will solidify why Billboard named him the “Top New Country Artist” (2019).

Blurring the lines between Country, Hip-Hop & Soul, Blanco Brown makes a southern sound that he proudly calls “Trailer Trap.” Honing in on his unique sound, Blanco balances both the metropolis and country settings in which he grew up. His viral hit “The Git Up” (certified 11x PLATINUM across three countries) took the world by storm, claiming the top spot in charts across the globe and spawning nearly four billion views across social platforms. It claimed the No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for 12 weeks and was the top-selling digital Country song in the US for 13 weeks, resulting in Billboard naming him as their No. 1 Top New Country Artist for 2019.
Apart from being a Grammy-nominated engineer who has worked with the likes of Fergie, Childish Gambino, Kane Brown and Chris Brown, the multi-talent’s multi-national Platinum-certified collaboration “Just the Way” with Parmalee garnered more than 500 million on-demand streams, earning Brown his first No. 1 hit on Country radio (in the US and Canada).
More recently, he doubled down on his genre-bending collaborations, teaming with Nelly on the funky, country inspired track “High Horse,” T.I. for “Trap Still Bumpin’,” LOCASH and the late Leslie Jordan for the funky “Let It Slide,” while pairing with Diplo for “Do Si Do” and Lee Brice and R3HAB for the remix of Brice’s hit song, “Soul.”
In 2021, Blanco Brown also lent soaring vocals to the song “Never Gonna Tame You (Original Song from “The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses”),” written by Diane Warren. Recovering from a life-threatening accident and leaning on music to heal, Blanco released “Nobody’s More Country” in 2021. Then, while hitting the road hard last summer, he instantly captured the attention of festival audiences across the nation opening his set with a breathtakingly powerful cover blend of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”
Showcasing his world-class vocal talent and captivating stage presence throughout 2023, Blanco released emotionally charged track “I’ll Never,” unlike anything the No. 1 hitmaker has ever released, followed by a momentous tribute to the late, great John Denver with Brown’s release of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”
With the release of HEARTACHE & LEMONADE, this A-Town resident’s branded “Trailer Trap” sound amplifies the stories & arrangements on this EP. Blanco’s dripping-with-soul vocals also sonically shine throughout as displayed in “Sunshine, Shine” and it carries through to “Energy”, “Good As It Gets”, and “Tailgating in the Sun.”