Belfast Guitarist Johnny Younge Releases Blistering New Single “Lost Days”

Johnny Younge proudly presents his first Debut single  ‘Lost Days’

Rock ‘N’ Load’s thoughts

“Progressive-rock has a new face as Johnny Younge makes his mark with his debut single, a cutting slice of atmospheric, multi-layered storytelling you just have to hear!”

Johnny is an Up and coming musician from Belfast, who has gone through a difficult time with mental health and the loss of his father when he was 18.

Lost Days reflects Johnnys’ path that he’s been on and upon the struggles he has faced whilst losing his Father.

The track captures a sense of urgency and energy that comes with trying to process a painful experience of Grief and Loss It features vivid lyrics, an exploration of loss and longing that comes with a propulsive modern rock sound.

Despite the darkness of the subject matter, there is a sense of hope and resilience that runs through the song, making it a powerful and uplifting listen.

Johnny has amped the ferocity with heavy guitar-driven riffs, pounding rhythm sections, Guitar solos and an infectious energy that hooks the listener into the music.

It features a diversity of sound being Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Third Level Audio by Kacper Lewandowski.

Johnny hopes that Lost Days will have Elements of Interest for any follower of alternative rock Particularly the listeners who are Fans of Alter Bridge, Metallica, Ghost and more.

Lost Days Features a captivating Guest Appearance by Niall Graham, founder of the acclaimed group Sweet Taste who has shared the stage with Ash, Black Stone Cherry and more. Niall adds a new dimension to the song that will leave listeners spellbound.

Lost Days is a collaboration project that comprises of Niall Graham (Vocals), Johnny Younge, Paul Terry and James Dawson (Guitar), Kacper Lewandowski (Bass, Drums), who have all helped inspire Johnnys vison to come to a reality.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Kacper Lewandowski/ @3rdlvlaudio
Album cover design by @unnes96odt



Johnny Younge is a Guitarist/Songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He explores the best of rock,metal and progressive genres to incorporate Catchy and inventive riffs. Johnny Delivers Tight, melodic and elements of hard rock, riff-fuelled metal.

Johnny started his interest in the Guitar at the age of 12 by being the only one in the family who has been passionate about music.  His influences and favourite artists are Metallica, Alter Bridge, Dream Theater and more which has made Johnnys Debut single ‘lost days’ push his songwriting abilities to a new level. 

Lost Days is a collaboration project that comprised of Johnny Younge (Guitar), Niall Graham (Vocals), Kacper Lewondowski (Bass, Drums), Paul Terry and James Dawson (Guitar)

Johnny is passionate and thriving energy to perform and collaborate with musicians across the UK and Beyond with plans to write an EP in the future.

At 25 years old, Johnny Younge is getting started with work on his songwriting and goals to make powerful, melodic Modern Rock!