Battlegrave – Australian Thrash/Death-Metal Unit Unleash New Track “The Black Vortex”

Battlegrave – Australian Thrash/Death-Metal Unit Unleash New Track “The Black Vortex” Via Decibel Magazine
Australian thrash/death-metal duo Battlegrave have just unleashed a new track from their second album “Cavernous Depths”, which is scheduled for release on June 30th on vinyl, CD and digital via Bitter Loss Records.

Titled “The Black Vortex”, this new track features the talent of Daniel Mackie (Triple Kill) on lead guitar and is now playing at Decibel Magazine at this location.

The band had this to say about the new track “The Black Vortex’ is one of the album’s real bangers. It is fast and aggressive in the typical Battlegrave style, but carries with it one of the album’s most hooky and groove-laden choruses. It features a furious drum performance from 66Samus and showcases Daniel Mackie’s soloing chops on three occasions, culminating in a divebomb for the ages. Lyrically, the track tackles new territory for Battlegrave, telling the tale of a lone pilot traversing deep space before descending perilously into a black hole. What lies beyond? Enter yourself and discover your own truth.”

The follow-up to 2018’s debut album “Relics of a Dead Earth” was recorded and produced by Julian Renzo at Legion Studio Productions (Harlott, Desecrator, Blackhelm, Decimatus) and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions (Plini, Cynic, Sylosis, Periphery, Architects), and sees drummer 66Samus (Decrepit Birth, Goatwhore, Abigail Williams) joining the duo comprised of Clint Patzel (guitars, bass and keys) and Rohan Buntine (vocals and lyrics) in the studio, while all guitar leads were written and recorded by Daniel Mackie (Triple Kill).

A music video for leading single and title track “Cavernous Depths” is now playing at this location.

Battlegrave is a thrash/death-metal project formed in late 2016 by Clint Patzel and Rohan Buntine, two great friends with a long-standing passion for metal music. It is an artistic outlet to create music together while honoring the aggressive thrash and death metal bands that the members grew up listening to. The original goal was to write one song, which turned into the “To Hell With War” EP in 2017. After receiving strong reviews, the debut full-length “Relics of a Dead Earth” was written, recorded and self-released in November of 2018. The album also garnered some enthusiastic reactions and after more than three years, Battlegrave are back, and they sound more aggressive and furious than ever before.