Babychaos Shares “icon” Video


When it comes to 21-year-old Lyzzie Larosa, aka Babychaos, the alternative model turned solo musician, is anything but predictable.

With a multi-range of influences that extend from industrial, rock, classical, and club music genres to nostalgic ’90s and ’00s rock/metal soundscapes, Babychaos delivers an intense, heavy, electronic, eclectic experience that is refreshing to the music scene.

Babychaos is no stranger to being confident in her skin. Her journey of breaking away from spiritual ties and turning that religious repression into art is one of many undisguised lyrical subjects the multi- genre artist touches on within her music. While Babychaos is just getting started in the music industry, she hopes to use her stories to connect with others. With the Salem/Florida-based artist’s first 2021 single “flesh” having accumulated over 1 million streams and currently working on her first EP with Cleopatra Records, the future looks bright for the up-and-coming artist.

Today, Babychaos has shared the video for “icon,” which premiered over at Outburn. Watch it here or here.

“The ego is a fragile thing until it takes over,” the artist says. “‘icon’ is an anthem for post-destruction of the self and entering an era of unapologetic expression and stepping over those who tried to block your way. But is that always a good thing? Being the first single for my first EP iconography, I felt it fitting to implement religious symbolism in the video to represent my ego and designing myself as an ‘icon’ to overpower the hidden, ugly layers of myself that I wouldn’t want others to see. I also included a scene of me ‘injecting’ something into my mouth/lips to represent both filth and vanity, as both are prominent and important for me as an artist. It’s important to strip the pretty layers of yourself down to keep going.”

The release of the single is accompanied by the release of new merch. Get it here.

iconography is due in February 2023.