Australia’s Dear Seattle release new album SOMEDAY, out now on Domestic La La

Australia’s Dear Seattle release new album SOMEDAY, out now on Domestic La La

Photo Credit: Maclay Heriot
Sydney, Australia based rock band Dear Seattle have released their sophomore album, Someday, out now on Domestic La La. Breaking onto the scene in 2017, Dear Seattle – Brae Fisher (vocals), Lachlan Simpson (guitar), Jeremy Baker (bass) and Josh McKay (drums) – have asserted themselves as one of Australia’s most exciting young rock acts. On the album Fisher explores the roots and tensions behind his unhealthy thought patterns and anxious tendencies as he desperately pursues personal change. Traveling in a more nuanced, subtle, and mature sonic path than previously heard from the band, Someday offers a deep listen rich with emotional insights and self-teaching. Recorded with ​​renowned Australian music producer/sound engineer, Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Dune Rats, Middle Kids), every track on the record hits as uplifting and anthemic.

Dear Seattle have a knack for taking something personal and bringing it to the masses, and fans of previous their releases will feel right at home amid the festival-ready and heart-on-your-sleeve sing-alongs stacked throughout this record.

Also felt sonically is a bittersweet tinge to Someday, matched by the bittersweet sentiment behind its title and lyrics, as Brae shares: “It’s aspirational and has this feeling of hope for being better someday,” he says of the album name. “But at the same time, it shines a light on how myself and the band have often caught ourselves living too much in the future “someday” and not enough in the present.”

He adds: “The process of wading through your own struggles and crap is also bittersweet because you need to go through some really heavy stuff, but when you push through that you come out more aware, responsible and accountable for your habits and tendencies and ultimately feeling lighter and better on the other side.”

To the overly self-critical and analytical parts of us all, Someday is Dear Seattle’s message of understanding and reassurance. It’s sent with the hope that connecting with its lyrics might just make the trek easier for someone else.

“I hope people can listen to the album – even if it’s just one song – and they might be able to say ‘you’ve just captured exactly how I’ve been feeling’,” Brae closes. “That’s the incredibly powerful aspect to writing music, that we can have this connection with a total stranger. Someone who has never met a member of Dear Seattle in their life can just feel comforted.” 

Someday Tracklist:
1. Home
2. In My Head
3. Way Out
4. Here To Stay
5. Feel The Weight
6. Irretrievable
7. Aside Again
8. Paranoid Letter
9. Split
10. A Perfect House
11. Someday