As The Sun Falls – Finnish Melodic Death-Metal Outfit Announce New EP “Where The Silence Reigns”

As The Sun Falls – Finnish Melodic Death-Metal Outfit Announce New EP “Where The Silence Reigns”
Reveal New Song “Trees As My Gravestone”

Two years following the release of their “Far Beyond” EP, Finnish melodic death-metal collective As The Sun Falls will return this fall with a new EP titled “Where The Silence Reigns”, now scheduled for release on October 13th to coincide with band’s forthcoming European tour.

Listen to the leading single “Trees As My Gravestone” here.

Following the release of “Where The Silence Reigns”As The Sun Falls will embark on a small European Tour alongside Aeonian Sorrow and Sanity Obscure, check out the confirmed dates below:
03.11.23 // PL // Warsaw
04.11.23 // DE // Berlin
05.11.23 // FR // Lille
06.11.23 // BE // Diest
08.11.23 // DE // Morlenbach
09.11.23 // DE // Hamburg
10.11.23 // LT // Kaunas
11.11.23 // LV // Riga
17.11.23 // FI // Tampere
18.11.23 // FI // Vantaa

Formed in Switzerland during the spring of 2020 amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the musical journey of As The Sun Falls began as a solo project initiated by guitarist and songwriter Jani Mikkänen. Originally an outlet for Jani’s personal introspection, the project eventually evolved into a collaborative endeavor that explored themes encompassing Nordic winter, Finnish cultural elements, solitude, and mortality.
Having released a couple of singles and EPs and one full-length album since their formation and having played with prominent names such as Wolfheart, Draconian, Kataklysm, and Aeonian Sorrow, last year the band encountered a significant turning point when Jani Mikkänen relocated to Finland, prompting the incorporation of new members. This transition marked a shift in the band’s dynamic, and they retreated during the winter of 2022-2023 to work on their second album, foreshadowing an exploration of uncharted sonic territories.
With lyrics that seamlessly weave between English and Finnish, “As The Sun Falls” beckons listeners into an evocative realm where language is transcended by sentiment. Their music invites contemplation of the interplay between various dichotomies, including beauty and danger, solitude and camaraderie, and life and death. As their impending album and EP beckon on the horizon, As The Sun Falls are poised to continue their trajectory of resonating with audiences, creating an immersive experience through their emotive melodies and themes.

Mikko Voutilainen – Vocals
Jani Mikkänen – Guitars & Vocals
Lauri Unkila – Guitars
Oskar Englund – Bass
Paul Rytkönen – DrumsLinks: