As Light Dies – Spanish Avantgarde Black Metal Outfit Reveal Lyric Video For “La Ascensión”

As Light Dies – Spanish Avantgarde Black Metal Outfit Reveal Lyric Video For “La Ascensión” 
The Spanish avantgarde black-metallers known as As Light Dies have just shared a lyric video for a brand new track off the band’s forthcoming new album “The Laniakea Architecture, Volume II”, which is set for release on March 9th via Darkwoods.

Titled La Ascensión, this new song is now playing at No Clean Singing, who commented “Kaleidoscopic in its construction and elaborate in its embellishments, the music swirls and tumbles, rings and rumbles, darts and dances, and creates sensations of mysterious intrigue, uneasy tension, encroaching menace, and celestial wonder. As the music changes, so do the vocals, veering from ravenous growls and inflamed howls to fervent singing.”

Listen to “La Ascensión here. 

If you missed, the album’s leading single “The Green” is still playing at this location, while the video for second single “From The Scratch” is playing here.

Almost ten years after their impressive and critically lauded third full-length “The Love Album, Volume I”As Light Dies return with their most complex and multifaceted album in their whole career. Produced by mastermind NHT aka Oscar Martin, “The Laniakea Architecture” is an exceptionally ornamented compendium of intertwined extreme metal genres, with long and multidimensional songs containing a myriad of small elements that you will discover, little by little, as you dig deeper into the album… Pre-orders are now available here.