Life throwing curveballs means it’s a late arrival for the team to this gig and as such we unfortunately just miss the first band – Darlah – but the scores of bodies pouring from the room at the end of the set give the impression that this three-piece is a worthwhile watch and those heading to Burn It Down festival this August would do well to catch them.



The middle band for tonight’s three-band pile-up is South Arcade and as they take to stage the room is packed again. Comprised of four members and bringing a Nineties-Pop-Punk feel to their music (think Kenickie but with more punch and variety) the band soon has the crowd won into a nodding mass. Vocalist Harmony Cavell brings great meaning to the lyrics through the use of playful facial expressions and dance moves.  You can feel the rapport running through this band, every member is animated, enjoying the evening and completely tuned in to one another, bass player Ollie Green even helpfully removes a fallen eyelash from HC’s hair during a brief mid-set merch plug (they’re running a raffle to win a t-shirt.)  The band’s clap request for their new song ‘Riptide’ successfully boosts the dance floor movement; they’re confident in working the crowd. A very politely requested “South Arcade crouch and jump tradition” pays off for ‘Unaware’ a song which injects further Bubblegum to the Pop flavour and the crowd remains involved and joins sing backs as prompted in the next song  ‘Danger’ which has a harder, yet still chewy edge and some calmer vocals.  A fun somewhat grungier cover of Katie Perry’sI Kissed A Girl’ gets thrown into the mix before the band announce it’s their last song and they pick up the pace again to get the crowd properly warmed up for the headliners.  South Arcade returns to Bristol Exchange to play a headline set in March.


South Arcade is:

Harmony Cavell – Vocals

Cody Leigh – Drums

Harry Winks – Guitar

Ollie Green – Bass

Photography: Emma Painter // Pacific Curd Photography





Tension is building as the stage is prepared for headliners As Everything Unfolds.  The busying around of technicians tuning fluorescent guitars, the excited pre-show buzz of the gig-goers, and the scent of the dry ice being pumped throughout the room gave all the vibes of an old-school Thursday night Alternative club.  There’s a succession of lights and bleeps as the band takes to stage and vocalist Charlie Rolfe directs “Let’s fucking go! Let’s get this room moving” above an inescapably persuasive bass beat.  A handwritten note in the corner of a set list taped to the stage floor jests ‘Don’t need autotune when you’re a fuckin’ BEAST’ and the performance that follows, beginning with ‘Slow Down’ from the band’s latest album Ultraviolet is about to prove that this is no lie.

Indeed it’s clear from the band’s forceful input and the incredible vocals that this set is going to land every one of its Metal-fuelled punches.  There’s a quick check-in with the crowd before the third song ‘Blossom’ slows the pace to bring a powerfully synth-drenched Gothic feel to proceedings, it matches the stage ambience well – there are barely any lights that haven’t been consumed by fog, it’s a scrumptiously gloomy supernatural tone – and the effortless vocal switch that CR is pulling out of the bag between guttural delights and cleans is pretty darned eerie.  The band wind-back to their first album Within Each Lies The Other for the next three songs and the atmosphere stays pumped with each of the five band members on stage revelling in the essence their part brings to the songs whilst retaining super-tight mastery as a whole.   A quiet moment between songs (for a much-earned water break) draws a “Whooooo let’s fucking go” from an eager crowd member which the band smile and nods an appreciation. The energy all around the room remains elevated tonight, even the slower parts of songs – such as ‘Felt Like Home’ – are commanding waves of movement as the lyrics and instruments explain the necessity of every moment included.

As Everything Unfolds has stage presence and charisma in spade loads CR’s personality and bond with the fans prevail whether it’s through singing heartfelt words, screaming the angst or simply between songs recommending the best nail bar in Bristol if you fancy a particular sick chequerboard effect (three doors down from the venue, if you’re interested – what’s more, the artist is at the gig!) The final song ‘On The Inside’ sees both band and audience finish with incredibly bouncy energy and full of gratitude for an altogether superb show.


As Everything Unfolds is:

Charlie Rolfe – Lead Vocals

Adam Kerr – Lead Guitar

George Hunt – Bass

Jon Cassidy – Synths/ Programming

Jamie Gowers – Drums


Slow Down

Saint Or Rogue


Hiding From Myself

Stranger In The Mirror


Flip Side



All I’ve Ever Known

Felt like Home

On The Inside

Photography: Emma Painter // Pacific Curd Photography