Metalcore five piece ANOTHER NOW from Eindhoven have released two new singles ‘BREATHE’ and ‘DOUBT’.

In BREATHE, the band showcases a refreshing change with guitarist Miquell doing a clean, melodic verse. This is followed by the heavy vocals of Stef that are alternated with powerful melodic vocals of Rik, who also produced/mixed/mastered the track.

Watch the video for ‘BREATHE’ HERE or by clicking the image below.

The music video for ‘BREATHE’ is shot in the band’s basement with a greenscreen and at Motion Experience in Eindhoven by the band’s own Miquell (guitar, director). “It is amazing what you can achieve using just a greenscreen. It of course takes knowing your way around animations and special effects. The fun thing about this approach is that it allows for a lot of creative freedom”, remarks Max (guitar, animations/special effects).

Working hard and chasing the musician’s dream is what Another Now is about. The band strives to overcome each obstacle more effectively than the last, yet this pursuit often demands sacrifices to reach the set goals. Sometimes it is hard to negotiate the right balance between making music and spending time with friends and loved ones.

Rik: “I can be my worst enemy when it comes to getting into the creative process when self-doubt can eat myself alive. I used to have a big problem when working on a mix or a production of a song and knowing when something is done and I should let go. The last couple of projects there were a lot of sleepless weeks where I was just endlessly/mindlessly going over the same song/part over and over again, trying to fix things that never needed any fixing at all. But still going over at it because it had to be perfect. One problem is that you will never know when you have gotten the most out of it. Nowadays, I am learning to let things go more easily and be more kind to myself”.

Stef: “This song means so much to us because we all strive for perfection. With this track we want to let ourselves know that it is totally fine to be not perfect and that we have to learn to let it go and enjoy the moment”.

‘DOUBT’ highlights a new chapter by introducing a new sound and songwriting. The band is known for their crushing riffs that are accompanied by heavy and dynamic screams, addictive vocal melodies and digital soundscapes. They refined these core elements and delved deeper into their emotions, creating a musical work that resonated more closely with their innermost feelings.

Listen to the band’s second new singles ‘DOUBT’ HERE or by clicking the image below.

Stef Rikken (Vocals): “This track is the light in our dark tunnel. Misfortune caused us to unconsciously develop a more negative mindset. ‘DOUBT’ tells a story about the moment we realized we had to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and return to our positive identity. Within the band, we developed a powerful vision and drive to get through the toughest times. This single symbolises the rediscovery of the fire within ourselves and the determination to fight back by delivering a knockout blow.”

Listen to the bands previously released single ‘SMILE!’ below.

SMILE Official Video


The band’s previous releases and energetic live performance resulted in playing support shows for acts such as Beartooth (Dynamo, Eindhoven), Asking Alexandria (TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht), Ice Nine Kills (Melkweg, Amsterdam), For I Am King during their album release tour and a pre-show for Metallica during their M72 World Tour. The band performed at festivals such as Jera On AirSubmit Fest and Vest Rock.

Previously Another Now released their debut album OMNI (2021), which received support from platforms such as Rock SoundKERRANG! MagazineMetal Hammer UKSiriusXMWackenradioRhino Radio and Spotify’s editorial playlists ‘New Core’, ‘New Metal Tracks’ and ‘New Blood’. With OMNI, the band put their mark by tying together its themes and concepts with mental health, a subject close to the heart of Vocalist Stef Rikken, working as a social worker in mental health care.