Alternative Grunge Power Trio The Man Motels releasing fierce new EP DEAD NATURE

Alternative Grunge Power Trio The Man Motels releasing fierce new EP DEAD NATURE
Cape Town based band The Man Motels break all boundaries with their highly anticipated EP, DEAD NATURE out today via Mongrel Records. Packed with electrifying energy and rebellious spirit, this four-track EP pushes the limits, delivering a sonic onslaught that will captivate listeners from start to finish.

Taking inspiration from the gritty sounds of punk rock and infusing it with their unique modern twist, The Man Motels has crafted a raw and unapologetic collection of songs that fearlessly confront the chaos and complexities of the world.

The EP showcases the bands’ remarkable musicianship and undeniable chemistry, with each member contributing their signature style to create a cohesive sonic force. Vocalist and guitarist Garrith Holloway leads the charge with his fierce and dynamic delivery, supported by the thunderous rhythm section, comprised of bassist Divan Putter (who is standing in on bass until Lyle Aspeling returns from the UK later this year) and drummer Pierre Horne.

DEAD NATURE captures the essence of The Man Motels live performances, with each track carrying an unrelenting energy that demands to be heard.

“When experiencing trauma, the best way to keep moving forward (at times, and in my own opinion) is to create somewhat of a “Dead Nature” around yourself.  It’s like a dead space, disconnecting you from any form of emotion, and any possible future pain.” Explains Garrith Holloway on the message behind the EP.

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