Los Angeles band All Day Sucker’s new album Feel Better is out now. The album was recorded by four-time Grammy-winning producer, mixer, and audio engineer Dave Way (Foo Fighters, Beck, Pink!) live on the floor at the Way Station in Los Angeles. Hear it at your favorite streaming platform here:

Feel Better displays the band’s skill at creating music that reflects the ups and downs of our lives, but it’s infused with an alt-pop energy that will lift your spirits, while showcasing their impressive musicianship.

Watch the visualizer for the “Sidewalk Hearts” here:,a song that delivers an undeniable groove and highlights the band’s skill to blend vintage pop with a modern edge.

“With Coyle taking the helm as the wordsmith and Summers crafting the melodic tapestry, All Day Sucker continues to carve its path in the realm of classic pop. …. For a band deeply rooted in the cradle of American musical heritage, there’s a certain un-American charm, a refreshing deviation from the norm, almost as if they’re rewriting the Great American Songbook for an exclusively British audience. Oh, the audacity! The brilliant audacity. But it’s not just the brilliance of their compositions that resonates with me; it’s their defiance against the transient whims of trends and zeitgeists. All Day Sucker stands as a testament to the futility of chasing after fleeting fads,” – The Big Takeover

All Day Sucker seamlessly delivers an infectious blend of danceable beats, intricate melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. The twelve new and original songs are the product of extreme personal changes experienced by co-founders and songwriters Morty Coyle and Jordan Summers. It’s a work of emotional heft and great musical ambition.

It is a vibrant collection that manages to be thoughtful without losing the inherent playfulness of pop-rock music,” 

— Folk N Rock

All Day Sucker is the brainchild of lifelong friends and musical collaborators since high school producer and keyboardist Jordan Summers (Cat Power, FF5, and The F.O.C.K.R.s.) and singer Morty Coyle (DJMortyCoyle, FF5, and The F.O.C.K.R.s.) The rest of the line-up includes bassist and arranger Dan Rothchild (Tonic, Heart, Shakira) drummer David “Goody” Goodstein (She Wants Revenge, Dolly Parton, Larkin Poe) guitarist Geoff Pearlman (Jakob Dylan, Dead Rock West, Joan Osborne). Also, guitarists Jay Gore and Fernando Perdomo and vocalist Jordan Zevon lend their talents on select songs. The bandmates are all veterans of the Wild Honey Orchestra, which mounts star-studded annual L.A. concerts benefiting autism research. Select bandmates were also part of the documentary film Echo in the Canyon featured in the film, and TV appearances, live performances, and on its accompanying soundtrack.