According To Jack has a “Reason to Exist” with new stripped back punk anthem

According to Jack has premiered a music video for new single “Reason to Exist”.

The acoustic project of Giacomo Rampazzo deploys a heartfelt and infectious brand of melodic punk, with elements of both throwback and contemporary iterations of the genre.


Speaking on the track, Rampazzo shares: “Reason To Exist is about insecurity of the future, the inability to navigate life and nostalgia for a past devoid of anxiety and responsibility.”

The guitarist continues: “The theme is treated with a light and playful atmosphere, while still retaining a melancholic twist. The style is simple, minimal and energetic with guitar, drums and bass accompanying the vocal melodies.”

Listen to “Reason to Exist” via:
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In an age of genre-fluidity and artists taking influence from a dexterous array of musical backgrounds, According to Jack’s minimalist approach makes for a refreshing listen.

The solo project of Northern Italy native Giacomo Rampazzo, According To Jack is a frank and accessible nod to 90’s West Coast punk.

Rampazzo was raised on the formative sparks of skate punk coming out of California before the turn of the millennium, and it’s clear to see in his delivery; intimate, infectious and heartfelt.

“Reason To Exist” is According to Jack’s latest effort, a cathartic and hooky expression of a genre that takes many forms, but one that celebrates the simple, the heart and the soul of punk music.