The Line of Best Fit “Rich, velvety vocals and a knack for storytelling; bottling the emotion of life’s milestones and pouring it across a blend of jazz, neo-soul and pop.”
Wonderland “The singer has perfected her sound as an elegant mix of jazz, and neo-soul with tints of pop.”
Notion“Abby’s work is a cosmic fusion of lo-fi acoustics and R&B sonics.” 
 tmrw“Reminiscent of Arlo Parks or Jorja Smith at their most laid back.”
“Conjures up images of idyllic locations, romance and reconnecting with loved ones.” – 1883 Magazine
Abby Simone is growing with every release, first impacting with the vibrant neo-soul of her debut EP ‘No Expectations’ and then showcasing her singer-songwriter roots with the two-track release ‘Familiar’. Now it’s time for Abby to unleash a bigger sound with the attitude to match, starting with her new single ‘No Woman’. It’s the first track from her upcoming second EP. Listen HERE.

‘No Woman’ plays on the soul and R&B touchpoints that we heard in ‘No Expectations’, but now they’re presented in an entirely new way with a towering earworm pop hook, punchy dynamics and full-fun funk vibes instantly demanding attention. Its message is just as important. Sourcing a new-found power in her ever poised voice,  Abby is asserting her right to make her own decisions and no-one – family, friends or lovers – is going to stand in her way. What’s more, it’s a stance that she’s eager to encourage other young women to live by. It makes for a fiery anthem of empowerment, and by far Abby’s biggest statement to date.

Abby says, “I’m a Tamil-Singaporean woman who had to say no to fight the stigma. My Amma only taught me what her mom taught her. Both our Ammas tried to raise a yes girl, but we’re learning how to be a ‘No Woman’.”

‘No Woman’ was written by Abby with the track’s producers, the Grammy and Mercurynominated duo Bad Sounds (Arlo Parks).

Abby will further explore the themes that she raises in ‘No Woman’ throughout her next EP release. It’s inspiring by fighting back against the generational trauma and misogyny from a cultural upbringing in which women are expected to conform to gender-driven norms and expectations. Now she’s standing up for the empowerment of independence. Recently Abby has taken to social media to celebrate some of the women who have inspired her, a series which started with her version of Kenya Grace’s ‘Strangers.

Playing by her own rules has a defining factor of Abby’s story so her. Growing up in a conservative church-going family in Singapore, she covertly spent her time listening to the likes of London Grammar, Kaytranda and Jamie xx. And when she stepped onto the Singaporean music scene, she was encouraged to adopt a sexually-charged image to appeal to the large Chinese pop audience – but instead she adopted a riot grrrl look so people could only judge her on her voice. And while her family is supportive, at first they were horrified by her decision to leave a conventional career for the uncertainty of a full-time career as a musician. Step-by-step, it’s paying off – and ‘No Woman’ and the new EP will take her to the next level.

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