’68 Releases New Album, “Yes, and…,” Today Via Pure Noise Records

Releases New Album, Yes, and…,”
Today Via Pure Noise Records
New Video For “End This War” Out Now!

’68 –

After much anticipation, revered Atlanta rock duo ’68 has released their long-awaited 4th full-length album, “Yes, and…,” today with Pure Noise Records. The band’s heaviest record yet features the singles “Removed Their Hooks” and “Removed Their Hats” as well as the stand out track “End This War.”

Stream “Yes, and…“: https://purenoiserecs.lnk.to/68streams 
Purchase “Yes, and…“: https://purenoiserecs.lnk.to/68stores

Commenting on the new record, vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin says:  This is by far the heaviest album ’68 has ever done.  It wasn’t on purpose, it just sort of evolved into what it is.  As soon as we could see the full gravitas of the album, we just leaned into it. Many of the bluesy tracks didn’t find a home and some of the parts that were on the fence, we doused with gasoline.  For us, the pendulum has never been extended so far, in one direction. This is exciting because it was obvious how this album needed to turn out and it pretty much solidifies how the next album will end up as well.

Along with today’s record release, ’68 has debuted a new video for their song “End This War.” Watch now at the link below.

Scogin adds about the track:  “I actually wrote (a version of) this song while in my old band, The Chariot. It is actually two songs. The first song being the riff that starts the track, and the 2nd song begins right at the 2 min mark. The two songs have always fought with each other. I could never commit to one, because it would mean the sacrifice of the other. Nowadays, I barely care if two songs sound similar, as long as they are able to serve their own purpose. But back then, I knew the existence of one song meant the death of the other song. It very, nearly happened on the first ’68 album. It also almost happened on Give One Take One. A version made it all the way to the (home) demos. But there was always something that just didn’t feel right. I believe the waiting paid off.  Even though this song (as it appears on Yes, and…) doesn’t fit any stereotypical song structure, it utilizes the strengths each song brings to the table and forces them to live in the same space. Now each song understands they are in a mutualistic relationship, and they play well together. Also, for better or worse, it is wonderful for me to be able to finally give them both the light of day. They deserve to breathe. They deserve to bleed. ”

“End This War” Music Video: 

Yes, and…” Tracklist:
1. With Distance Between
2. The Captains Sat
3. Removed Their Hooks
4. Removed Their Hats
5. “Let’s Be Friends”
6. “End This War”
7. They All Agreed
8. Then Got Bored
9. Within The Hour, They Were No More

Order “Yes, and…” now from Pure Noise Recordshttps://purenoiserecs.lnk.to/68stores

Yes, and… Album Artwork