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Suzi’s four original RAK studio albums that she originally released between 1975 and 1979 have been digitally remastered and will be made available to download and stream.

Chrysalis Records announces the release of “The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend” – a 20 track compilation album personally curated by Suzi featuring digitally remastered versions of all her biggest hits including “Can The Can”, “48 Crash”, “Devil Gate Drive”, and “Stumblin’ In”.

Released on Friday 22nd September, the album will be available on Gold Coloured Double Vinyl, CD and digitally. Pre-order via Pledge.

But that’s not all.  Suzi Quatro fans are in for a digital treat.

For the very first time, Suzi’s four studio albums that she originally released between 1975 and 1979, will, for the very first time, be digitally remastered and available to download and stream across all digital platforms.

There will be a Spotify facility set up to allow fans to pre-save these albums into their accounts. This function automatically adds Suzi Quatro’s upcoming releases to Spotify Libraries via a free subscription button. Pre-Save via Spotify.

The four studio albums include “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me” (1975), “Aggro-Phobia”(1976),  “If You Knew Suzi” (1978), and “Suzi… and Other Four Letter Words” (1979).

Says Suzi – “I’m excited about my new compilation, it not just this hits, which I love, but it also features favourite and important tracks from my albums, with an extensive Track By Track on the liner notes. Enjoy one and all.”

To date, the only original RAK studio albums currently available digitally are Suzi’s debut eponymous 1973 album “Suzi Quatro”, and 1974’s album “Quatro”.

“The hits are the hits,” says Suzi about the ‘Best Of album’, “but as Mickie Most always told me, ‘your self-penned songs are the meat of what you do Suzi’. Enjoy some of my personal choices.”

The Best of Suzi Quatro: Legend (2017)

1) Can The Can (2017 Remaster)
2) Shine My Machine (2017 Remaster)
3) 48 Crash (2017 Remaster)
4) Skin Tight Skin (2017 Remaster)
5) Daytona Demon (2017 Remaster)
6) Devil Gate Drive (2017 Remaster)
7) The Wild One (Single Version)
8) Cat Size (2017 Remaster)
9) Too Big (2017 Remaster)
10) Michael (2017 Remaster)
11) Half As Much As Me (2017 Remaster)
12) Stumblin’ In (2017 Remaster)
13) If You Can’t Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)
14) Suicide (2017 Remaster)
15) Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)
16) She’s In Love With You (2017 Remaster)
17) Hollywood (2017 Remaster)
18) 15 Minutes Of Fame
19) Free The Butterfly
20) Dancing In The Wind

Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (1975)

1) I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew
(2017 Remaster)
2) Strip Me (2017 Remaster)
3) Paralysed (2017 Remaster)
4) Prisoner Of Your Imagination (2017 Remaster)
5) Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (2017 Remaster)
6) Can’t Trust Love (2017 Remaster)
7) New Day Women (2017 Remaster)
8) Fever (2017 Remaster)
9) You Can Make Me Want You (2017 Remaster)
10) Michael (2017 Remaster)


Aggro-Phobia (1976)

1) Heartbreak Hotel (2017 Remaster)
2) Don’t Break My Heart (2017 Remaster)
3) Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
(2017 Remaster)
4) What’s It Like To Be Loved (2017 Remaster)
5) Tear Me Apart (2017 Remaster)
6) The Honky Tonk Downstairs (2017 Remaster)
7) Half As Much As Me (2017 Remaster)
8) Close The Door (2017 Remaster)
9) American Lady (2017 Remaster)
10) Wake Up Little Susie (2017 Remaster)

If You Knew Suzi… (1978)

1) Don’t Change My Luck (2017 Remaster)
2) Tired Of Waiting (2017 Remaster)
3) Suicide (2017 Remaster)
4) Evie (2017 Remaster)
5) The Race Is On (2017 Remaster)
6) If You Can’t Give Me Love (2017 Remaster)
7) Breakdown (2017 Remaster)
8) Non Citizen (2017 Remaster)
9) Rock ‘N’ Roll Hoochie Koo (2017 Remaster)
10) Wiser Than You (2017 Remaster)
11) Stumblin’ In (2017 Remaster)
Suzi And Other Four Letter Words

“Suzi… and Other Four Letter Words” (1979)

1) I’ve Never Been In Love (2017 Remaster)
2) Mind Demons (2017 Remaster)
3) She’s In Love With You (2017 Remaster)
4) Hollywood (2017 Remaster)
5) Four Letter Words (2017 Remaster)
6) Mama’s Boy (2017 Remaster)
7) Starlight Lady (2017 Remaster)
8) You Are My Lover (2017 Remaster)
9) Space Cadets (2017 Remaster)
10) Love Hurts (2017 Remaster)


Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro


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Suzi Quatro – Biography

Born June 3, 1950, 4th child out of 5, 4 girls one boy, in Detroit Michigan.
Her first instrument was then bongos. At age 7, and performed with her father’s jazz band. She studied classical piano and percussion, and reads and write both instruments.

In 1964 at the age of 14, Suzi started first all-girl band with her sisters, and taught herself to play bass guitar. The Pleasure Seekers featured her sisters Patti on guitar, Arlene on Organ. She toured successfully for 8 years. Suzi was the main vocalist and bass player, and focal point of band.

1969 they disbanded and reformed as Cradle, adding baby sister Nancy as main vocalist. Suzi took a back seat, playing bass and only singing lead on a few songs. They wrote their own material.

1971 Mickie Most saw the band in Detroit, and immediately offered Suzi a solo contract.

In October, 1971, she flew to London to begin recording. Success did not come immediately.

1972, Suzi formed her first English band.  They went on the road and were the support group on Slade’s first nationwide tour, performing Suzi’s original material.

Mickie Most got his new signing to RAK, hit song writing team, Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, to go see a show, with the possibility of writing Suzi a hit single based around her own material.
“Can the Can”, a No.1 hit single in many countries around the word, went onto sell 2 and half million singles.

Between 1973 and 1980 she featured in the British charts for 101 weeks and has sold over 55 million records to date.

1977, Suzi began a 3 year stint as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days opposite the Fonz. She has also appeared in Minder with Denis Waterman, Dempsey and Makepeace, Midsummer Murders, and Absolutely Fabulous

1986, she starred in the West End as Annie Oakley in ‘Annie Get your Gun’, to great critical acclaim.  In 1988, she hosted her own television talk show for a year, ‘Gas Street’.

1989, the first Western act to go to Russia once Glastnost had begun, playing to over half a million people.

1991, She wrote the music and lyrics for, ‘Talullah Who?’ (Talullah Bankheaad), with Shirlie Roden, book by Willie Rushton and played the leading role, and again, to great critical acclaim.

1999 Suzi began her career on BBC radio 2, latest ongoing series, Quatrophonic, and was nominated for music broadcaster of the year at the Sony Radio awards in 2006

1999 Suzi was honoured on ‘this is your life’, begin caught out at the end of her concert at the London Palladium.

In 2006, Suzi wrote and released her autobiography “Unzipped”. She then made an appearance alongside Charles Dance in the West End in Exonerated.

2012 Suzi turned her autobiography into a one woman show, performing at London’s Hippodrome, and again at the BBC live theatre for radio 2, broadcast as a 2 hour Christmas special in 2014 to celebrate her 50 years in the business. After one announcement on the radio there were 5000 requests for tickets.

2013 Suzi received a lifetime achievement award in her home town Detroit, and became a member of the Michigan Rock and Roll hall of fame, performing at the ceremony live for the first time in the USA in over 20 years.

She also received the woman of valour award at meow in Austin Texas and again, performed live.

In 2015, Suzi did a sell-out ‘final’ tour of Australia.

In 2017, Suzi toured her sold out Leather Forever encore Australian tour, and once again sold out the Sydney Opera House.

She has promised never to use the F word (final) again!

October 2017 – Suzi will headline an Arena tour in the UK.

She has recently published a book of poetry “Through My Eyes”.

Her first novel THE HURRICAN is due out May 2017.

Her new supergroup, with band mates Andy Scott (Sweet guitarist) and Don Powell (Slade drummer), have made a new album QSP, which was released on Sony on Suzi’s last Australia tour. Quatro Scott and Powell opened the show, so, Suzi supported herself!  The album got to number 23 in the charts.  It will be released worldwide in September, 2017.

In Oct ober2016, Suzi was made an honorary doctor of music, receiving her award in cap and gown at Cambridge University.

Her thrust is entertaining, making people happy, communicating. And most important continuing to ‘create’. She has an extensive ‘bucket list’ and is slowly working her way down. And in her own words.

Says Suzi, “I will retire when I go on stage, shake my ass, and there is silence.”

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