Drunk Motherfuckers chat with Rock ‘N’ Load about reforming for the EP “Dead End” and what’s next in line for the band

Drunk Motherfuckers were created by Nikolaos Spanakis aka Father W. (Dødsferd, Grab, Gin Lane, G.N.L.S.) under the ashes of the Drunk Earth back in 2009. The band has released so far an acoustic EP, “Drunk & Wasted”, self-released in 2009 limited to 666 copies, a debut full album in 2013, “…and alcohol for all”, on Casket Records and has appeared on the double compilation ”Miss Fortune Is A Henhouse Manager” with the song ”Ain’t Give a Shit About Sobers” released in 2010 on Spinalonga Records.

Drunk Motherfuckers terminated their activities in 2014 and after 7 years, three of the last known members, Father W., Andrew and Wee joined forces again to record and release one final EP, which goes by the name, “Dead End” !

Hello, could you please introduce Drunk Motherfuckers to the Rock n Load readers?

“Drunk Motherfuckers” is an underground Drunk ’n’ Roll band, which I created back in 2009, under the ashes of “The Drunk Earth”. We have released so far an acoustic EP, “Drunk and Wasted” a full album, “…and alcohol for all” and less than a month ago our brand new EP, “Dead End”.

How would you describe Drunk Motherfuckers?

A provocative and uncompromised band, away from the liking of the masses that was created to rock with no boundaries!!!

How did the band form in 2009?

It was some months after the split up of “the Drunk Earth”, a sludge ‘n ‘roll band which I created in 2004 with Paris Bakas (aka War of Grab).  I was always attracted by the sound of heavy rock, stoner, punk, garaze, rock music, so it was a need for me to create a band in 2009, serving this kind of music, but in a way that would cherish the legacy of G.G. Allin, as far as the attitude is concerned!!! That’s why I picked up a name that would be even more provocative and difficult to cope with by conservatives, than the previous one (The Drunk Earth). There had been so many lineup changes, which finally put the band on ice in 2014, after our debut full album. But underground means power and never letting go, so we returned from the dead with a new EP, “Dead End” and will to create!!!

What was the aim for the band when you formed?

To create a provocative band, that would rock without caring to be approved by the masses!

Why did the band stop in 2014?

Cause we had our own issues. We were doing shitty jobs, in order to survive and the band was a way out, to a world we wanted to create. But personal problems became bigger at that time, so we just put the band on ice. It was the most decent thing to do, in order to protect what we had accomplished so far.

How was the decision made to reform the band and make another album?

The three remaining members always had in our minds to do that. The songs of the “Dead End” EP were performed live on our latest performances in 2013. It was like an unfinished job for us.

Why was the decision made that Dead End would be the last offering by Drunk Motherfuckers?

That’s what we thought when we stated recording it, but it seems that the beast has a lot of things to say!!! So “Dead End” won’t be the last act of Drunk Motherfuckers!

How do you feel about the EP now it has been out for a number of weeks?

We are very proud of ourselves for this EP. All people involved in making this EP a reality, are really proud of it!!! We worked with no stress, determined to create an EP with guts and a fuck off attitude to the rock star wannabes out there!!!

Would you change anything about the EP?

Nothing at all!!!

How do you approach the writing and recording process?

“…and alcohol for all” was composed all by me, but this EP, was composed by all members. We made the preproduction here in Crete and most of the recordings, mixing and mastering in Athens. I and Wee are based here in Crete, where the rest of the members are in Athens. But technology helps a lot to work even in the most isolated place.

Is it definitely the end for Drunk Motherfuckers?

Not at all; but only time will show. We have already started working on some live performances.

Is there anything you would change about the band and how things have happened?

Everything was made for a reason. I don’t want to focus in the past and what could have been done. I am here with the rest of the guys, making our way back to the glorious days of Drunk Motherfuckers!!!

What are you most proud of from the Drunk Motherfuckers?

Our strength and will to create music despite of the fucked up situation worldwide!

What will you take from your time as the Drunk Motherfuckers?

That is a question I will reply when Drunk Motherfuckers will be dead. It seems that we have a lot of things to express through this band!

Thank you for your time and wishing you all, all the best in the future.

Thank you very much Ed for your time and support!!!
Support the underground!!!



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