Title Track from Debut EP due August 6th
 Today, Nashville-based indie-folk artist Bridget Caldwell shares her new single and video, “Kingmaker.”  CMT premiered the video they say “offers a uniquely personal twist on the song’s deep meaning.” You can view the clip today on CMT , HERE. The singer/songwriter’s inspiration was her experience watching her mother do anything for her family and rebounding from several tough breaks to keep things moving, and now realizing those efforts may have been taken for granted. “Kingmaker” is Bridget’s call to spread kindness and let our people know how very much they are appreciated. “Kingmaker”   is the title track off her August 6th release.  Pre-save the EP, here.
CMT describes the song as  “… a ballad that celebrates those whose care and empowerment make us all stronger, more compassionate people.”   Bridget explains what inspired “Kingmaker,”  “I thought about the sacrifices my mom made to raise all four of us kids and send us out into the world. I’ve spent my twenties as a nanny while most of my peers had much sexier jobs. I spent my days loving kids, wiping up vomit and snot, doing dishes and laundry, and oftentimes it felt like to the rest of society, my job was invisible. It made me think of all the folks who give up everything to support a partner and their dreams.” “Kingmaker” is a tribute to our Mothers, Fathers, Friends, Teachers, Soulmates and others who lift us up in our everyday lives.
Watch “Kingmaker” here. Stream it here.
For the “Kingmaker”  video Caldwell called on her favorite actors.  She explains “The kids you see in the opening are my nanny kids and their neighbors. The Grandma figure is their “Nana.” I started nannying the kid-star, Julia, when she was just a couple months shy of one, and she changed my life.” Caldwell continues “I was a terrified 22 year old, left alone with this tiny human with absolutely no skills to care for themselves.  But, we grew up together, me and Julia. We (and I mean both of us) went through stomach flu, nose bleeds, crying fits, breakups…together. We spent hours staring at flowers, making mud pies and cackling, laying in the grass and staring at the clouds. She slowed me down in a profound and important way. I always tell people that I thought I understood God before my days with Julia, but I didn’t.  I am a different (and much better) person because of her.”
Bridget’s debut single “Pharmaceuticals” was released at the start of the summer and had its premiere with Guitar Girl Magazine.  The song is a sensitive examination of a fractured relationship.  Caldwell penned the track with songwriter Luke Preston, who was in the midst of a similar situation. What started as a vent session turned into a song that speaks to the heartache of loving someone you can’t save.
Watch “Pharmaceuticals” here. Stream it  here
 Pre-save the EP KINGMAKER , here.
Credit: Nicola Harger  Download Hi-Rez art here.
1 Take It Or Leave It
2 Lie A Little
3 Carnival Ride
4 Pharmaceuticals
5 Kingmaker

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