Jacob McCurdy’s “Trouble” Chronicles a Journey of Resilience and Hope

Jacob McCurdy’s “Trouble” Chronicles a Journey of Resilience and Hope

With raw emotion and unwavering honesty, Jacob McCurdy’s latest single offers listeners a glimpse into his transformative journey

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Portland, ME (June 7, 2024) — Indie-Americana artist Jacob McCurdy returns with a soul-stirring release, “Trouble,” following a year of personal challenges and triumphs. Blending elements of indie pop and folk rock, McCurdy’s newest single digs into themes of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

With heartfelt, poignant lyricism and infectious melodies, “Trouble” encapsulates McCurdy’s signature sound while offering a raw and introspective exploration of personal struggle.

Having overcome a challenging period of health issues, including a stroke that temporarily sidelined his music career, McCurdy’s latest release is a testament to his perseverance and artistic growth. The song invites listeners to join him on his journey of self-discovery and healing.

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“Co-writing these songs has been like therapy for me. I think writing them helped me get through a break-up, a pandemic, and my own anxiety.”

– Indie-Americana artist Jacob McCurdy

“Trouble” LYRICS

Give me something to groove to

Goes down smooth like it used to

Back porch sipping, baby

The sunset slipping away


All the time in the world you know

we could stay til we’re just bones

Every time that I’m with you, I know

To live in your eyes, it feels like home

Co-written with a talented group of musicians, including Mike Maurice, Jordan Brooks and Alex Calabrese, “Trouble” emerged from late-night jam sessions and collaborative songwriting sessions. The result is a captivating musical journey that resonates with authenticity, vulnerability and hope for the future as Jacob McCurdy continues to solidify his place in the indie music scene.

Listeners can look forward to seeing the “Trouble” music video when it releases later this month on June 24th, coinciding with collaborator Mike Maurice’s birthday. Additionally, McCurdy will be cycling 100 miles throughout June in support of the American Heart Association.

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About Jacob McCurdy:

Mustachioed Mainer, Jacob McCurdy, blends folk, rock, and roots into his very own brand of indie-americana. McCurdy wears his heart on his sleeve, captivating audiences with honest lyricism and soulful melodies. Through collaborative songwriting and a commitment to authenticity, he shares his songs with the hope that others can heal from his experiences and enjoy a glimpse of what the future might bring.

McCurdy’s musical journey began with the debut of his first album in 2011. What started as a senior project recording an album for an artist, turned into an opportunity for McCurdy himself to step into the spotlight. Collaborating with his best friend and roommate, Adam Hanson, McCurdy spent Christmas break crafting a record that would kickstart his artistic exploration.

Fast-forwarding through nine years of fronting his wedding band, The Dapper Gents, McCurdy released “For the Weekend (FTW)” on July 24, 2020. This EP significantly shifted McCurdy’s musical journey, drawing from deeper life experiences and heartaches. Subsequent releases, such as “Ready to Fall,” “Make a Fuss,” “Feels Like Home,” and “Out On The Run,” have showcased McCurdy’s growth as an artist, delving into themes of resilience, gratitude, and inner turmoil.

McCurdy continues solidifying his place in the indie music scene, inviting listeners into his journey of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, hoping to create music that resonates on a profound level.

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