Brent Windler: Powerpop and Americana combine on debut ‘New Morning Howl’ from Kansas City scene mainstay

Brent Windler

‘New Morning Howl’
Powerpop and Americana combine on
debut from Kansas City scene mainstay

Goldstar Recordings is delighted to release the debut solo album New Morning Howl’ from the songwriter and guitarist Brent Windler on 27 August 2021.  Brent’s power pop-tinged melodies summon the restrained beauty of his native Midwest. A fixture in Kansas City music, Windler’s Pacific harmonies, and intricate vocal and instrumental structures capture the polite malaise of Americana as it is lived in the mid-sized cities of the heartland.

For more than a decade, Windler has explored this terrain that has grown into a more expansive identity that perfectly captures both the sticky sameness of a Midwestern evening and Windler’s own embrace of a sound that is uniquely his own.

‘New Morning Howl’, his first-ever solo album, is an old friend joining you cross-country. As Windler narrates the tender sameness of the landscape, his arrangements and harmonies reveal hidden depths.  Brent Windler also performs with Sons Of Great Dane, a five-piece Kansas City-based rock band with No Depression alt-country influences

Brent Windler’s talent and the joy of this record lies in his abilities in casting the familiar in a sound that is lush, layered and new.

Brent Windler ‘Around The Bend’ Official Video

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