Casket Feeder

Casket Feeder – ‘Scalps’ – EP Review

Scalpsis the follow up to the self-released EP Venomous Tonguesand good grief is it good. If you like your Death Metal influenced by the Swedish, whilst smashing you in the face with raw brutality and tinged wi...
Nekrokraft - 'Servants'

Nekrokraft – ‘Servants’ – Album Review

Five-piece Swedish Black Thrash Metal band Nekrokraft bring their debut full-length album to the world and show off their elaborate blend of darkness with a high pace so that every aspect compliments each other...

Oceans – ‘Far From Composure’ – Album Review

On March 13th 2018 UK Alternative/Hard Rock/Post-Hardcore band Oceans will release their new EP Far From Composure, which is a sublime collection of beautifully choreographed highly charged tracks all delivered...

End Times BY Ommadon Out May 1st

Ommadon return in 2018 with a new album, End Times, via Dry Cough Records (UK), At War With False Noise (UK), DGRecords (US), and Medusa Crush Recordings (CAN). As one piece played over two sections, End Tim...